Missionary Portfolio Projects (2012 LDSTech Conference)

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Steve Neil's brief notes

  • Project: website
    • Missionary Department initiative
    • San Jose area only so far
    • Envisioned to expand to all areas where sufficient LDS population to lead and contribute to service projects.
  • Project: Missionary Letters System
    • Electronic letters from missionaries to their mission president, and replies.
    • Info shared in letters is much more private than letters written to home.
    • So does not/must not use Google gmail like does.
      • Google continues to modify its licenses/agreements to allow it more freedom to use the information in the emails, searches, links.
    • Have been analyzing using Oracle database. Looks to require more hardware than a NO SQL database would.
    • Investigating NO SQL databases such as:
    • Most of the discussion centered around this Missionary Letters system.
    • Didn't catch if the work is on a replacement system or this is brand new.
  • No volunteer opportunities at this time.

Thanks Joe! --Stevneil 03:42, 31 March 2012 (UTC)

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