Migrating Work Item Types with TFS Power Tools

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This article gives step by step instructions on how to move Work Item Types (WITs) with Team Foundation Server (TFS) Power Tools.


  1. You need to download and install TFS Power Tools to get the Process Editor.
    • Process Editor - An add-in to the Tools menu, the Process Editor provides a graphical user interface for editing Team Foundation Server process templates inside the Visual Studio IDE. This tool also provides a GUI for viewing the values assigned to all fields defined in a project collection.
  2. Launch Visual Studio 2010 and select Tools > Process Editor > Work Item Types > Export WIT to export the Work Item Type from the source Team Project:
  3. Select your Team Foundation Server and Team Project Collections (yours will be and upgradeFromICSTFS2008 respectively):
  4. Select the Work Item Type (WIT) you want to export:
  5. Save it somewhere:
  6. Click Yes or No. See Defining Global Lists for what this does:
  7. Select the destination Team Project:
  8. Import the WIT you just exported:
  9. Select your destination team project, browse to the location and click OK:
  10. Your imported work item type will now be available with its various states in the destination TFS Team Project.
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