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Stake technology specialists and others who support Meetinghouse technologies have several options for obtaining help and support.

Online help

Each individual Meetinghouse technology has some pages dedicated to providing answers to common questions, as well as a page where those who support the technology in their stake can provide local insights.

Ordering products

Most Meetinghouse technology products are ordered by the Facilities Manager, and can be done through the LDS eMarket. If you are a facilities manager and are looking for instructions on how to do this, please see Ordering meetinghouse technology products in LDS eMarket.

Global Service Center (GSC)

When additional help is needed, a stake technology specialist may contact the IT Support portion of the Global Service Center by e-mail at or by phone at 1-801-240-4357 or at the toll-free number for your area, if available.

In situations where you need to travel a great distance to get to your meetinghouse and you know you may need additional assistance to address a known issue, you may want to contact the Global Service Center before you go. This way they can ensure adequate resources will be available to support you when you arrive.

LDS Technology Forums

In the forums Meetinghouse technology questions are answered by community members and moderators. Many of the topics you are interested in may already be on the forums. If you don't see what you're looking for you can always start a new thread. To get started with the forum read the LDS Technology Forums Community Guidelines and FAQ.

LDS Tech Internet Relay Chat

The LDSTech Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a group chat room for anyone involved in the LDSTech community. You can monitor exchanges, post to the group, or talk exclusively to specific users. All conversations are archived, so people who missed the conversations can review the logs and catch up. Additionally, you can get real-time support from technical leads who are often on IRC.

Other options

For additional support options, see Administrative office.

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