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Meetinghouse technology feedback is where you can share your thoughts about the section of the wiki that is dedicated to Meetinghouse technology. Please use this to provide us with feedback about areas where you think this wiki section is lacking, what you would like more information on, and what you think we can do to make this more helpful to you.

Try posting your ideas in the forum! You can see forum discussions related to this page in the Meetinghouse technology feedback thread.


What topics are missing from this wiki that would be helpful to those who are supporting technology in our meetinghouses?
What topics need more information?


Do you have suggestions regarding the layout, or organization, of information on the Meetinghouse technology page?

Technology ideas

Are there specific technologies that you feel would be helpful to have in our Meetinghouses, which we don't have today? If so, please list them here, and how you would see them used.

Our stake presidency and ward leaders frequently use laptops. In addition to the projector connection, they often want laptop sound output fed into the chapel sound system. The DL-10 box works, but it's a challenge to explain and adjust. I would appreciate a dedicated device that has a stereo plug (for the headphone jack of the laptop) at one end and an XLR plug (to a microphone input of the sound system) on the other, with an internal balun (a transformer to convert the unbalanced laptop audio to balanced audio for the sound system) and simple resistor mix/pad to attenuate the audio by a fixed amount. Note that I have intentionally omitted any variable resistor. For usage, we hand them one of these devices, tell them to plug in the two ends as described, and have them set the volume using their laptop volume control software. No muss, no fuss!

Are there technologies that you think are under-utilized in our meetinghouses today? How can we help?

Other ideas

What other ideas do you have to make the Meetinghouse technology section of the wiki more helpful to you?

If we could have stake-specific wiki pages we could document our LANs, equipment, keys, procedures and other local building information. When we log in to, the database obviously knows our stake unit number. That could be used to limit the visibility of stake-specific wiki pages to just those of our own stake. Right now we use Google Docs, we have to manage manually who has access rights, and we get push-back from the few that don't have and don't want a Google account. Stake-specific wiki pages solves a lot of that.

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