Meetinghouse Webcast benefits

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This service sends a one-way audio and video Web broadcast from a central building to other buildings or remote locations. Meetinghouse Webcast has been used successfully by Church units worldwide.

Potential benefits of Meetinghouse Webcast

  • Eliminate multiple stake conference sessions
    Stake conference can be Webcast to several meetinghouses to accommodate overflow needs.
  • Reduce travel costs
    Members and leaders can travel to closer buildings for stake conference.
  • Increase family time
    Less travel time means members and leaders can spend more time with their families.
  • Increase stake conference attendance
    More members may participate in stake conference by viewing the Webcast at a closer location.

Possible uses

Meetinghouse Webcast can be used to broadcast a variety of Church meetings and events including:

  • Regional and stake conferences
  • Area, region, and stake training
  • Regional and stake firesides
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