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The Meetinghouse Locator is a web application that helps people to find buildings close to a specified location. The URL for the application is The current version was released in the latter part of 2008.

A replacement for Meetinghouse Locator, called LDS Maps is now available for testing. Added functionality includes viewing temples, welfare canneries, Deseret Industries outlets, historical sites, and other Church facilities. Also, ward and branch members who have an LDS Account can see the location of member households in their ward or branch. Ward and branch leaders can accurately identify the location of member households by icons on a map or satellite image.

Further information: LDS Maps is an article about the new application


The current release allows users to choose results to be shown using either Google Maps and Microsoft Live Search Maps for locations worldwide. A choice is offered because road and satellite coverage varies (try Venezuela with Microsoft Maps, or Iceland with Google Maps, for instance).

The results page contains three areas:

  1. Closest Meetinghouses: These are the closest buildings to the search location, independent of ward boundaries.
  2. Assigned Congregations: These are the congregations assigned to the search location. In addition to the regular ward, it may also include YSA, student, or foreign language units.
  3. Map: The map may displayed using Google Maps or Microsoft Live Search Maps. The map contains markers for the search location as well as for each of the buildings.

Feedback, suggestions, and corrections are welcomed and encouraged by using the Feedback link on the application.

Appending a Ward or Branch unit number to the end of the following URL will produce a direct link to the site of the Church Unit.


The main page of has a prominent link for "Worship with Us"; the main page of has a link for "Find a Meetinghouse" under "About the Church."


In June 2008 a beta release of a new Meetinghouse Locator application was announced on the LDSMediaTalk blog. In September 2008 it went live and the beta designation was dropped.

The old application was limited to only showing maps for buildings in North America.

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