Meetinghouse technology training

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Meetinghouse technology training is where online training will be announced and made available to those who serve in callings or positions that require them to understand policy related to technology in the meetinghouse, or who are required to procure, install or maintain that technology. This mainly applies to Stake Technology Specialists, Stake and Ward leaders, Facilities Managers, technical support representatives, and Area ICS Offices.

Online training

Current online training is targeted toward Ward clerks as users of some technology in meetinghouses - mainly around the use of MLS. There are additional training courses also being developed that help Stake technology specialists to know how to apply and implement the policies and procedures relating to other Meetinghouse technology that they are required to support.

LDSTech broadcasts

Broadcasts covering various LDS technologies occur on the first Friday of each month through December. You can join live and talk to the experts or watch recorded versions at your convenience. Learn more.

Other training seminar archive

Previous training focused on meetinghouse technology are available below.

October’s Training: Meetinghouse Internet

Our October training seminar discussed several aspects of meetinghouse Internet including how it is now funded, roles and responsibilities, Internet Service Providers, meetinghouse firewalls, extending network access to various portions of a meetinghouse through wired and wireless means, and where to go to learn more.

Meetinghouse Internet slides shown during this training are now available.

November's Training: Calendar

We are providing two webinars: one for administrators and building schedulers, and another for calendar editors and members. The webinars will be repeated three times each to accommodate different time zones.

The slides and recording from the presentation are available at the links below:

Note that these webinars are introductory. If you have problems you’re trying to troubleshoot, or edge-case scenarios, or other more advanced needs, refer to the LDSTech Forum.

Much of the webinar information to be covered is also available in six quick reference guides and three videos—available on the home page of the calendar help material, or on this LDSTech post.

The calendar training for administrators and building schedulers will cover:

  • Running the Setup & Import tool
  • Setting up locations and location rights for wards
  • Designating building schedulers
  • Making reservations
  • Adding other administrators
  • Approving calendars
  • Managing calendars
  • Updating calendar events

The calendar training for editors and members will cover:

  • Accessing the calendar
  • Changing calendar colors
  • Understanding subscribed calendars
  • Understanding available locations
  • Hiding and unsubscribing from calendars
  • Printing the calendar
  • Syncing the calendar with another calendar
  • Creating calendars
  • Adding viewers and editors for your calendar
  • Scheduling repeating events
  • Changing calendar names and details

December's Training: Personal Video Conferencing

December 15th training covered Personal Video Conferencing (PVC). PVC is provided by the Church to local leaders and employees worldwide for the purpose of reducing travel while still accomplishing face-to-face communications for meetings, interviews, trainings, and other purposes.

This webinar teaches people the five “Ps” for making a successful PVC call. This includes information on equipment, account setup, call controls, as well as support and resources.

Anyone is welcome to attend the training future trainings, however not all Church members are authorized to use PVC; this training will be most useful for authorized users. The webinar will be provided three times to accommodate for different time zones.

To learn more contact:

Meetinghouse technology training


This video demonstrates how to setup, configure and connect a meetinghouse firewall in order to bring Internet into a meetinghouse. The video mentions using to check if the firewall is working properly. You can now use instead.


This video demonstrates how to extend a meetinghouse network to other parts of the building, using either wired or wireless capabilities.

Global Service Center

If you serve in a calling or position mentioned above and have questions about meetinghouse technology that you can't find answers to here, please contact the Global Service Center (GSC) by e-mail at or by phone at 1-801-240-4357 (Utah) or 1-866-678-2763 (Toll Free).

If you would like to request face-to-face or remote large group training, you may submit a request to the GSC. They will forward the request to the appropriate team. Please provide them the following information:

  • Your name
  • E-mail address
  • Stake (district) name
  • Stake (district) unit number
  • Location
  • Specific topics you are interested in learning about
  • Number of individuals who would like to receive the training
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