Requerimentos para Meetinghouse Internet


Os seguintes recursos são necessários para implementar meetinghouse Internet na capela:

  • Provedor de Internet (ISP). Procure pela

Internet Service Provider (ISP). Look for the highest bandwidth you can get for residential connection rates. See Find an Internet Service Provider for details.

  • Meetinghouse firewall. The current model is the ASA 5505. Older models are still compatible. A new firewall is rolling out early next year. See Firewall for details.
  • Wireless access points. You may need several wireless access points, depending on the coverage you want. Each wireless access point should have at least WPA security, but look for access points that support WPA2 Personal or even WPA2 Enterprise and RADIUS. This may offer more compatability with future solutions. Also, for maximum signal strength, use 802.11n. If you have an official Family History Center in your building, you may order a wireless access point through the Church. See Wireless networking for details.
  • Ethernet cables. You may need to purchase network cabling to run connections to various installation points in your meetinghouse, if they do not already exist. Each Ethernet cable will connect from the firewall to whatever network jack or wireless access points you need in your meetinghouse. These cables should be organized and run through a labeled patch panel, as well as a network switch when more ports are needed. See Networking for details.
  • Stake technology specialist. You need to have an officially called stake technology specialist who is tech-savvy enough to support the meetinghouse Internet. See Internet policies and guidelines for details.
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