Meetinghouse Internet requirements

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The following resources are necessary to implement meetinghouse Internet:

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP). Look for the highest bandwidth you can get for residential connection rates. See Find an Internet Service Provider for details.
  • Meetinghouse Firewall. The new meetinghouse firewall is the Cisco 881W. Facility Managers are being encouraged to replace older meetinghouse firewalls such as the Cisco PIX 501 or Cisco ASA 5505 no later than the end of 2013. The Cisco 881W firewall allows the Church to centrally update these devices as needed. They are also required for new functionality that will be announced in the coming months. Contact your FM group to plan for their replacement if needed. For additional information on firewalls in general, see Meetinghouse Firewall.
  • Additional Products. Other meetinghouse Internet products may be needed for meetinghouse Internet.
  • Stake technology specialist. You need to have an officially called stake technology specialist who is tech-savvy enough to support the meetinghouse Internet. See Internet policies and guidelines for details.
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