Meetinghouse ISP and Firewall Information Sheet

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As you're setting up Internet in your meetinghouse, you need to gather a lot of configuration information specific to your ISP and firewall. Print this page and then complete the information in the tables to facilitate both installation and troubleshooting.

Church Unit and Local Support Contact Details
Unit number
Unit name
Unit address
Facilities Management (FM) Group property number
Local support contact name
Local Support contact phone number
Local Support contact e-mail address
Local telephone number near firewall

The following table includes important configuration information for the Internet connection.

Internet Connection Details
ISP name
ISP technical support phone number
ISP account number
ISP name of customer (LDS Church or Church ...)
ISP connection number (e.g, DSL telephone number)
ISP connection type (for example, cable or wireless)
ISP connection device (vendor/model/sn#/access code)
ISP connection speed (download / upload)
ISP assigned settings (dynamic IP, static IP, or PPPoE)

If connection requires a static IP address, complete information in the following table:

Static IP Address Info Details
IP address
Subnet mask
Default gateway
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS

If connection requires a PPPoE profile on the firewall, complete the following information. Not required if PPPoE settings are only on the ISP router.

PPPoE Connection Info Details
User name / password
PPPoE authentication(PAP, CHAP, MSCHAP)
Firewall Information Details
Firewall vendor and model
Firewall serial number (SN:XXXXXXXXXXX)
Firewall IP address (IP:X.X.X.X)
Firewall VPN Gateway IP address (IP:X.X.X.X)
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