MLS Technologies (2012 LDSTech Conference)

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Presented by Ryan Gifford - @rbgifford

MLS Stats:

  • 31,947 Units using MLS.
  • 99.09% of those on released version (3.4.2)
  • 2002 - First Version Released
  • Outsourced then brought in house
  • Current Team = 2 dev, 2 qa
  • MLS interfaces through UDX to communicate with CES, CMIS, CDOL, CUBS, ETC

Demo of UDX

  • Support Techs can log into UDX
  • Can push an upgrade to MLS.
  • Every time a Send/Receive is done, a Properties file, Log file and Sync file are sent for HQ review.
  • There is also a "Reset Security Token" option for when MLS is installed on a new computer.
  • The data from CES is updated each week with completely new data.
    • There are some updates in the latest beta for CES registration.
  • There are also backups that are stored in UDX.
    • In backups, make sure to delete the old statements to reduce the size of the backup and speed of upload.
      • There are possible updates in 3.5 to exclude bank statements or allow for seperate updates.

Demo of Raw data sent from MLS to CDOL

MLS Demo

  • F9 Key - Shows a screen with the status of a Send/Receive
  • Any updates to will be synchronized to MLS
  • You can use the same MLS attribute twice in a Custom Report & select either AND or OR for the second attribute. For example "Priesthood Office = High Priest OR Priesthood Office = Seventy"
  • Start MLS holding down the CTRL key for debugging information to be displayed in a separate window.

CDE = Convert Data Entry Simplified version of MLS that is used to enter in convert information in the mission home.

Future of MLS

  • Clerk Resources
  • 3.4.3
    • Pay through ward/branch (Brazil)
    • S&I Reports
    • Membership Audit
    • Currently in beta
  • 3.5
    • Later in 2012

MLS / Pain Points / Requests

  • Can we grant Stake Clerks to request membership records?
  • Can we remove the 2 out of unit admins limit?
  • Many clerks use Team Viewer to remotely access their clerk computers
    • You need to make sure that you log out of your session.
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