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Share insights about viewing Church broadcasts from your area in the world.

Technology challenges and opportunities vary around the world. You are invited to share key learnings and Local insights on Viewing Church broadcasts (meetinghouse) that may be unique to your country, community, or area of the world. Documenting your knowledge and experience may benefit others who face similar challenges. Some examples of what could be shared here include:

  • Solutions that work well or don't work well in your area
  • Recommendations on hardware solutions (types of computers, Internet-enabled media players, etc.) that are available in your area
  • Other factors that should be considered in your area of the world

Make your contribution to this page under the appropriate location header below. In the content header be sure to include the topic and the specific location (country, state, city) where appropriate. Here's an example contribution:

Changing from DVD to Internet
Charles, Ghana, Africa
We have usually watched General Conference on DVD. The DVDs take up to six weeks to arrive.
For this past conference, we tried downloading sessions from the Internet and then playing it back on a laptop.
It worked well, and I will be doing it again in the future.

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United States and Canada


I have had good success in downloading the conference talks using a download manager called ‘Free Download Manager’. Download from It offers resume on interrupted downloads and the downloading of multiple streams increased the download speed from 56 Kbytes/s (4hrs) to 400 Kbytes/s (35 mins) I suggest that anyone downloading conference for a Media Player consider using a download manager. - Graham Walker, Parktown, South Africa



Latin America


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