Local Unit Application Beta Testing

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Local unit application beta testing provides an opportunity for members in the community to get involved in testing applications on []. Anyone with any skill set is invited to participate. The only real requirement is a desire to help us improve, and a web browser with access to

It is usually helpful if you hold a calling that gives you admin rights in the applications. In general, these usually include all Bishopric/Presidency members, secretaries, and clerks. In most cases, website administrators (both ward and stake level) have some form of admininistrative rights as well.

If you don't hold one of these callings, but have easy access to someone who does, you can also contribute with their help. Even without one of these callings, you can still let us know if you find any issues, but you may find you need things configured by an administrator before you can fully use the application.

These projects are managed through the LDS.Org forum on LDSTech. Each application will have a separate sub-forum under the Beta Testing sub-forum.

An Important Note About Application Data

Because these are web applications, each application may have different requirements for how it accesses data. Therefore, in some cases the beta version of the application may be tied to the same set of data as the production version, while in other cases, it will have its own set of data and will not affect the production version.

For example, in a past beta of the Calendar, the beta version used its own database, so testers could create, edit, or delete whatever they wanted without affecting the production version of the Calendar.

In another example, the beta version of the Maps application uses the same data source as the production version, so changing data there (e.g. moving household markers, etc.) also changed the data in the production version.

These details will be given when specific announcements are made about each project, so please pay close attention to any sticky posts in each sub-forum.

What's Available or Coming Up?

Member News and Information

Currently Available

This application is now in beta.

Access the application here, and give us feedback on the forum here.

Lesson Scheduler

Currently Available

The Lesson Scheduler version 1.0 is now available.

Access the application here, and give us feedback on the forum here.


Currently Available

There is currently a beta for the new version of the LDSMaps application.

New features include:

  • Single line search by address, city, or by church facility name
  • Improved map and navigation controls Available on map tools
  • New map layers for Seminaries, Announced Temples, Temples under renovation/construction, and Tabernacles
  • Icons for lds places (meetinghouses, temples, family search centers, etc.) and member households are grouped and represented by one icon, depending on the zoom level
  • Getting directions to and from locations/addresses, facilities, and member homes using public transit, biking, and walking (where supported)
  • Geo-Locate “Show My Location” based on GPS identification
  • Street View available (where supported
  • When you click on a household, a photo will display along with their other information
  • Hi-res image display for Church Temples
  • Integration with Ward/Stake Calendar for local event display This feature displays when you’re using the My Ward application and view the details for your ward’s meetinghouse
  • Ability to share a map link via email and social networking sites

We would like you to test the following scenarios using Maps 3.0 and report any problems on the forum:

  • Search for addresses and locations
  • Search for units (wards, stakes, etc)
  • Search for facilities (temples, family search centers, etc)
  • Get directions between your house and your (or a different) meetinghouse/temple/another member’s home.
  • Share a map link via email, twitter, facebook, or delicious.
  • Use the MyWard app to do the following:
    • View households in your ward and stake
    • Move/verify households
      • Note: you can move your own household (unless you’re a stake president or bishop)


The applications we work on also include the Calendar, Directory, and Leader (a small subset of the Leader & Clerk Resources pages) applications. We will have a beta program for any major upgrades we do, and will solicit feedback in the forums for most minor changes as well.

In addition, we have other applications planned for the future that we will ask for help with.

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