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This project is in active development as a universal application for Windows Phone 8.1 and higher.

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LDS Tools for Windows Phone is an application that allows Church members to view their local unit and stake information on the new Windows Phone platform. Using the LDS Tools application, users can see local leadership, find individuals' phone numbers and addresses, see stake and unit calendar events, and plot membership addresses on a map.

Windows Phone Projects

Windows Phone Projects

What's New

Version 2.0.1 of LDS Tools for Windows Phone was released to the Windows Phone Store. This new version of the application has an entirely new UI and has been written from scratch as a universal application for Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 and higher.

All upcoming feature enhancements will be added to this new version of the application.

Old Release Notes

Version 1 of LDS Tools for Windows Phone is near completion. All necessary features have been implemented and tested for release. We currently are just waiting for approval from the Church's IP/Correlation department before submitting to the Microsoft application marketplace. Version 2 development is ready to begin.

Update: Version 1 was released to the marketplace on April 28th. Additional info here. Version 1.3 Released: Improves application performance, calendaring, and mapping.

Key Project Information

Access to the source code and issue tracking requires LDS Account authentication. If you do not have an LDS Account username/password, visit the website. To volunteer, please make sure that you have followed all of the requirements for participation.

Development Environment

The source code is in subversion. Required tools for development include:

  • Visual Studio 2010 (Express is fine -- and free!)
  • Windows Phone 7 SDK
  • NUnit

Project Work Item Tracking

The LDS Tools application uses the LDSTech Community Jira to track open bugs, tasks, issues, features, and improvements. The project can be found at

Source code

SVN URL for project:

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