LDS Tools for BlackBerry version 1.0.1

This article details the changes made in version 1.0.1 of LDS Tools for BlackBerry.

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LDS Tools for BlackBerry is still in development. If you have concerns, questions, or need support, please E-mail us.


  • Ward and Stake Directories.
  • Ward and Stake Callings
  • Connects to BlackBerry Maps
  • Connects to E-mail and phone calls from Directories
  • Ward and Stake Calendars

Known issues

  • NOT compatible with the 9850 no-keyboard BlackBerry
  • Stake calendar information will not show up if there is no Ward calendar information

Changes from the previous release

Release Notes - LDS Tools Blackberry - Version 1.0.1 - HTML format

These items have all been addressed:

  • [MMB-1] - Calendar Feature added
  • [MMB-2] - Calendar Selection Feature added
  • [MMB-3] - Calendar Popup added
  • [MMB-7] - Special characters in French names don't display properly
  • [MMB-8] - On slider BB devices, the onscreen keyboard is somewhat unpredictable and causes a crash
  • [MMB-9] - In the calendar tab, change the menu item "Sync Calender" to "Sync Calendar"
  • [MMB-10] - When selecting which calendars to display, the check boxes do not clear on the first press of the action button
  • [MMB-11] - Date displayed at the top of the calendar appears to be stuck on whatever the installation date was for the app rather than displaying the current day's date
  • [MMB-12] - When using the trackpad to scroll across the different tabs, the focus goes Directory > Callings > Calendar > first item in the displayed list (should go to Settings)
  • [MMB-13] - Calendar tab is not tappable. On touchscreen devices, user cannot tap on this tab to select it.
  • [MMB-14] - Calendar tab icon behaves differently from the other icons
  • [MMB-16] - Ending Date needs to be included in multi day events, such as temple closing
  • [MMB-19] - On BB Curve, I noticed when I sync members that I have to close it for the stake information to show up in the drop down menu
  • [MMB-23] - Calendar tab select doesn't display correctly
  • [MMB-24] - Find box disappears
  • [MMB-25] - "24 hour clock" checkbox does not work


  • [MMB-3] - increase the size of the touch regions on the top items (directory, callings, settings)
  • [MMB-4] - Need a red error message when sync doesn't work

New Feature

  • [MMB-15] - In the details view of a calendar event, include the source calendar as one of the pieces of data
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