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The LDS Tools application is a program to allow members to view their local unit and local stake information on their mobile phones. Using the LDS Tools application, users can see local leadership, find individuals phone numbers and addresses, see stake and unit calendar events, and plot addresses on a map.

Android Material Design Upgrade

LDS Tools version 3.0 features a significant design overhaul using Android's Material design specification.

Comments are encouraged via the on-screen features accessible while viewing a prototype from a non-mobile device (lower right corner).

The following are links to limited interactive mobile device prototypes featuring the new design:


The application is being developed for the following mobile platforms:

All platforms utilize a web service that allows the application to query unit and membership information.

To get involved with any of these projects, visit the particular LDS Tools platform page in the LDS Tools Project Index.

Functional specifications

There are 4 basic "sections" to the application. Each section represents a grouping of data. Those sections are:

In addition, there should be a "preferences" or "setup" screen where users can set app preferences, refresh the data from the web services with their LDS Account username/password, etc.

Directory listing

The most common section of the program will be the directory listing. This section will list all of the members name within a ward, sorted by lastname, firstname (for Western Style Names). Non-western style name sorting yet to be defined. The names would be listed within the ward they reside. There should be a search capability that would filter the current list by what the user typed in. The search should be a sub-string search.

In addition to the standard ward listing, there should be an option for a whole stake option. This way, a user can find a member who is within the stake but may not know which ward the user resides in.

Tapping on an individual's name in the listing will display detailed information about the user, including phone numbers, email addresses, photo, family members, position in the unit, etc. There would also be a way to add the user to one of the "custom lists" as defined below. If the user taps on a family member, that family member's detail screen will appear.

Calling listing

The calling listing is similar to the directory listing in that a user can select a ward (or the stake) and then see all of the leaders associated with that unit on the screen. Tapping on an individuals name will pull up the same individual detail screen that the user sees when found through the directory listing.


The events section will allow the user to see the different ward and stake events based upon the calendars that the user has subscribed to. For more details on calendar subscriptions, etc., please see Calendar.

Custom lists

Users will be able to create "custom lists". A custom list is basically a list of individuals assigned to the custom list. For example, a user may create a custom list called "Elders Quorum Presidency". Then the user add each individual to that list independently. There can be any number of custom lists and an individual can be assigned to any number of custom lists.

When the user enters this section, the user can select an existing custom list to see the members within the list. In addition, there should be an option for the user to add a new custom list. Within a particular custom list, the members are sorted according to the sort order preferences.


  • Sort Order Preference - Users can choose to sort lists by either lastname, first name or by firstname lastname order.

Data Services

Data for the LDS Tools application is retrieved from the Church via web services. There are two categories of services.

  1. Ward Directory Services - The Ward Directory service provides local unit directory information. The data include ward/branch and stake/district membership, unit leadership, member household information, member picture services, and administrative functionality.
  2. Ward Calendar Services - The Calendar service provides a way to access information for local ward/branch and stake calendars.

Visit the Community Services wiki page for a complete listing of all services.

Basic use case

The basic use case of the application is as follows:

  1. A user downloads the app for his device. The application may be distributed through an app store, such as the iTunes Store for iPhone/iPod Touch or the Palm App Catalog. The app may also be downloaded and installed from an website.
  2. Once installed, the user will launch the application. The user will then be presented with a username/password field.
  3. The user will type in their LDS Account username/password and the program will then communicate with the web services to download to the device the user's current ward directory, ward leadership directory, ward calendar of events, stake directory, stake leadership directory and stake calendar of events.
  4. The downloaded information will then be available in an "offline" mode for reference.

LDSTech Developers Conference presentation

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