LDS Music for iOS Development

How do I get involved in developing for LDS Music for iOS?

LDS Music for iOS uses GitHub to host its source code as a private git repository, and we use "Pull Requests" inside GitHub to perform peer code reviews.

To get access to the source code you should do the following:

Code Hosted on GitHub:

How do I use JIRA to find development tasks to work on?

As a general rule of thumb any issue that isn't assigned to somebody is fair game. If an issue you are interested in is assigned to somebody but hasn't been updated in awhile, feel free to post a comment asking if that person is still working on the issue, it's likely they have forgot about it and would be OK with you working on it.

If an issue is in the "Ready" state this means that we are pretty confident that this task is all primed and ready for a developer, so you will likely have the best luck picking tasks that are in the "Ready" state. However sometimes tasks come up fast and we don't see them so just because it's not in the "Ready" state, doesn't necessarily mean you can't work on it.

What do all the JIRA states mean?

  • New - Needs classification
  • Analysis - Determined that we should do something, but need to analyze exactly what that is
  • Blocked - Dependent on another feature/process can't move forward
  • Design - Once we've come up with what we want to do, we should come up with the design of how it's going to look and/or affect the user
  • Ready - Design complete ready for development
  • In Progress - Developer working on the implementation
  • Code Review - Initial implementation done, fellow developers providing feedback to settle on final implementation
  • Resolved - Code Review accepted, feature released into Beta App
  • Verified - Tester of Beta app has verified that the feature works as expected
  • Accepted - Indicates that the feature is ready for any needed documentation updates. Documentation folks can look for this status and then can move it to closed once their work is completed.
  • Closed - No more work to be done
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