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LDS Tools for Windows Mobile is a program to allow members to view their local unit and local stake information on their Windows Mobile phones. Using the LDS Tools application, users can see local leadership, find individuals phone numbers and addresses, see stake and unit calendar events, and plot addresses on a map.

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To help with this project we are using Visual Studio 2008 Professional and have installed the following SDKs

Key project information

Access to the source code and issue tracking requires LDS Account authentication. If you do not have an LDS Account username/password, visit the website.

Source code

The source code is kept in the LDSTech Subversion (SVN) repository. To get commit rights to SVN, you need to contact Tom Welch.

SVN URL for project =


  • 6.5 UI
  • 7.0 UI
  • Business Layer
  • 6.5 Data Layer
  • 7.0 Data Layer


Name Phone Email
Jamin Hancock 805.791.5558
Hank Telford 801.635.4592
James Francisco 602.803.3892
Jeremy Honeycutt



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