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LDS Tools Project Index edit

LDS Tools for BlackBerry brings the LDS Tools application to the BlackBerry platform.

Latest release information

LDS Tools for BlackBerry version 1.0.1

Source code

Get the latest source at

Current features

The ultimate goal is to build everything like the iPhone app and add more functionality (tightly integrated with native apps like "Address Book" and "Calendar") and other Super App functionality as needed.

Stuff that is working now:

  • Authentication using your LDS Account
  • Save to BlackBerry or SD Card
  • Get current-user-unit
  • Get stake-units (saved to disk)
  • Get stake-leadership (saved to disk)
  • Get unit-membership (saved to disk)
  • Get unit-leadership (saved to disk)
  • Menu on top built and functional (Directory, Callings, Events, My Lists, Setup) - all screens aren't defined yet (see below). Should be tappable on touch screen devices.
  • Always-on Super App functionality (mostly)
  • Clear All Data (erase LDS Tools data from device)
  • Threaded (and pooled) HTTP connections - nice... no more than 4 at a time.
  • Directory Screen - displays current-user-unit (home ward/branch) with listings - click on a name and it shows following info: Couple name, phone, email (if there is a family email address defined), address, and individual phone & email (if they exist). Icons for each element allow actions (call, sms, map, etc) focus on individual data elements allows you to copy them for pasting elsewhere.
  • 23 Aug 2010 0200 Mountain - v.0.0.18: Member Details Screen - call/sms phone number, email and look up address on map working!!!
  • 17 Sep 2010 2335 Mountain - v.0.0.27: Renamed from "LDS Mobile" to "LDS Tools". Search on Directory Screen works, can be slow if searching whole stake. Also fixed blank screen after initial Setup Screen download of data.
  • 21 Sep 2010 2226 Mountain - v.0.0.28: Fixed button click (enter still works) on Directory Screen, hopefully sped up Stake Membership display?
  • 24 Sep 2010 1900 Mountain - v.0.0.29: Fixed menu button click on Directory Screen, all "clicks" now work.
  • 1 Nov 2010 2332 Mountain - v.0.0.30: Fixed initial errors - should work as expected now (maybe - try rebooting after install if it doesn't load the first time - I still need to fix that). Took off internal memory location (defaults to sdcard/LdsTools/), that seemed to fix a few things. Tested on my wife's Curve 8530 - log in, download info when finished downloading successfully it goes to working Directory Screen (not a blank one). Test, let me know if it works for you! Oh, I also removed the "Clear All Data" functionality...
  • 2 Nov 2010 2203 Mountain - v.0.0.32: Upon reboot, I found that a blank directory screen showed - something about the sdcard being loaded AFTER the app starts... so I took out the "auto start app" functionality, also the "background" task when escaping out - it asks if you want to exit instead... so like a normal blackberry app, press END (red "hangup call" button) to background the task and keep it running. I also redid the code so that it does NOT load the web services each time, but instead, loads the web services upon clicking the "download" button in the setup screen. I also changed the "HI" text in "Blank Screen" (screens that are not implemented yet) to say "Not implemented yet." instead. Of course I could do like the Android app and just have buttons for things that are implemented... but... nah.
  • 3 Nov 2010 0004 Mountain - v.0.0.33: Fix for web services load. Resync vs download button in setup screen.
  • 4 Nov 2010 0236 Mountain - v.0.0.34: Woo. Lots of stuff. Trimmed down menus. Added "Sync" menuitem to Directory screen. Added children to member details screen. Finally got unit-leadership-new implemented for stake (using new config.json like the iPhone and Android code is using (even though this wiki isn't updated with details for that URL yet!))... so now I should be ready to do callings screen... but need to add all the members to a Member class (containing all fields from the JSON file) and then add all those members to a Vector, maybe even SimpleSortingVector like I do for the Directory screen... hopefully will be able to use that code and make it static (one Vector for the whole program). Woo! Test, test, test! Need some Zzzzz's!
  • 1 May 2011 v.
    • Moved menu to top row for consistency w/ iPhone.
    • Updated graphics supplied by internal designers
    • Implemented calling screen
    • Changed gui based on internal designer recommendations
    • Implemented data structures for current unit to improve searching & callings lookup
    • Tied unit selector between directory and callings screen
    • Moved all strings to resource file so app can be localized w/ other translations
    • Bug fixes

Known Issues:

  • Mapping doesn't seem to work on all devices. Would be good to add a feature to allow the use of google maps rather than the default BB maps app (probably add a checkbox in settings screen if google maps is installed).

Latest update

1 May 2011 - v. See changes above. Binary release should be available from the church soon.

Beta version

The Beta version will work on OS 4.5.0 and above. To see your OS version, do Alt+Shift+H or Options->About (version will be on the third line; a value like "v." is the OS version).

Download OTA from


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