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The LDS Java Stack is a platform for the development of Java application services.

Built upon Spring IO, Spring Boot, and the Spring Framework, the Java Stack 4 platform has been refreshed from the ground up to be simpler, cleaner, and more robust than ever before.

Unlike previous releases, Java Stack 4 is far more than framework upgrade: it is a full architecture upgrade.

Java Stack 4 applications are intended to be written as RESTful application or enterprise services to be consumed by responsive front-ends or aggregated as components to other enterprise services. This will maximize the life of your application's business tier (often called the back-end), and allow your business services to be reused across the enterprise.

If you need help with anything regarding the Java Stack platform please come see us or ask your questions on our forum. We regularly monitor the forum and will respond within a day.

See the Stack-project-16.png Java Stack 4 Project Starter to get started using Java Stack 4.

Java Stack 4 (New!)


Stack-project-16.png Java Stack 4 Platform



Getting Started

Stack-project-16.png   Java Stack 4 Maven settings.xml
Download and unzip to ${user.home}/.m2/
Stack-project-16.png  Create a new Project
See instructions in the "Getting Started" guide below.


Java Stack 3 (Legacy)



Getting Started



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