LDS Infrastructure

This document will provide a high level overview of infrastructure components used with the LDS Java Stack and the end to end application flow. This training provides context for developers, managers, and operations teams.

Overview of Infrastructure Components

Load Balancing

BigIp All applications will route through our BigIp Load Balancing Solution.


BlueCoat. Standard Caching is controlled by Cache-Control headers originating from the application. Defining individual caching URIs at the infrastructure caching level are not our standard.

Single Sign On

Oracle Access Manager. Project teams need to be aware of their application will leverage the Oracle Access Manager Solution. Internally, this is known as WAM. If your project will leverage our SSO solution, it is recommended you reference this getting started guide: SSO_Simulator_Getting_Started

Application Servers

WebSphere - Standard Java EE Compliant application server. WebSphere Getting Started

Tomcat - Lightweight Standard. Preferred Community Platform

Tomcat / WebSphere Comparisons: Tomcat and WebSphere


Nagios, Ca Introscope

Build & Life Cycle Management


Network Components


Troubleshooting Infrastructure Components

Java Heap Analysis

Generate a Heap Dump: ${JAVA_HOME}/bin/jmap -F -dump:live,file=${HEAPDUMPFILE},format=b ${PID} Analyze Heap Dump File: Memory Analyzer Tool

Java Thread Dump

Generate a Thread Dump: ${JAVA_HOME}/bin/jstack ${PID} > ${THREADDUMPFILE} Review Threads in ThreadDumpFile

Java Thread Dump

JMX Monitoring Tools for Tomcat: Visual VM, JConsole, MuleSoft's Tcat Server, etc.

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