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The LDSTech Newsletter provides monthly updates from the LDSTech blog. By signing up for the LDSTech Newsletter, you can stay updated about the latest Church technology news and information. You sign up for the LDSTech Newsletter through your LDS Account subscription preferences.

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Note: LDSAccount was recently upgraded and the subscription option removed. You may sign up there for "Volunteering Your Time and Talents" and hopefully the LDSTech newsletter will be sent to that group. Timriker (talk) 14:08, 22 July 2014 (MDT)

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To subscribe to the LDSTech Newsletter:
  1. Go to the LDS Account login page. (If you don't have an LDS Account, click Register on the login page.)
  2. Type your LDS Account user name and password in the appropriate fields and click Sign in.
  3. Click the Subscriptions tab at the top of the screen.
  4. Select the Opportunities to beta test or develop Church software check box.
  5. Click Update at the bottom of the screen.
Your LDS Account has a Subscriptions tab that allows you to sign up for the LDSTech Newsletter.

2012 archives

2011 archives

  • December 2011 Featured topics: Personal Video Conferencing, Church Broadcasts for the Hearing Impaired
  • November 2011 Featured Topics: Powerline Networking and Viewing General Conference after the Broadcast
  • October 2011 Featured Topics: Powerline Networking and Viewing General Conference after the Broadcast
  • September 2011 Featured topic: Introducing the LDS Media Library!
  • August 2011 Featured topic: Managing Meetinghouse Computers
  • July 2011 Featured topic: Webcast Software
  • June 2011 Featured topic: LDS Calendar
  • May 2011 Featured topic: LDS Account
  • April 2011 Featured topic: Satellite Basics and Troubleshooting
  • March 2011 Featured topic: Meetinghouse Firewall
  • February 2011 Featured topic: Meetinghouse Internet Use
  • January 2011 Featured topic: Meetinghouse Media

Newsletter name change

Prior to 2012, the LDSTech Newsletter was called the Meetinghouse Technology Newsletter and focused on topics more geared towards stake technology specialists. Beginning in 2012, the Meetinghouse Technology Newsletter merged with the LDSTech brand and now publishes its news as the LDSTech Newsletter. Meetinghouse technology articles are mixed in with general technology articles from LDSTech.

Also, prior to 2012, the newsletter was translated into Spanish and Portuguese and packaged as a PDF file. Currently the LDSTech Newsletter is not translated, and all information is online. (Plans for translation are coming.)


What would you like to hear about in a future newsletter? What technology do you want to know more about? Send you ideas for newsletter content to

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