LDSTech IDE 2.0.0

Upgraded to Eclipse Juno

This version is based on Eclipse Juno. However, instead of Eclipse 4.2 we're using 3.8. After some testing it was determined that 4.2 was still a little too buggy for our liking. If you wish to use LDSTech IDE features in Eclipse 4.2 just download a vanilla 4.2 and Install LDSTech IDE in Existing Eclipse.

New Installer

Our new installer is no installer. Recent changes in the Eclipse platform and a number of our plugins have allowed us to eliminate our installer all together. We now simply provide compressed packages. To install basically unzip and execute. For more details on setting up JDKs and resolving errors launching eclipse refer to the Getting started with the LDSTech IDE documentation.

Embedded Tomcats

To help facilitate moving to a .zip package we've embedded tomcat into the IDE itself. Tomcats will now be upgraded with IDE upgrades and Server Runtimes will still automatically be created.


New Build and Promotion System

It is now much easier to build and release LDSTech IDE. Expect to see more frequent plugin updates independent of significant IDE updates. You can also automatically be subscribed to our beta or dev release streams by simply installing a beta or dev.

Automatic Use of ipv4

Java 7 uses IPv6 by default. ICS vpn software currently doesn't support IPv6. This causes all kinds of non obvious problems. To help eliminate hair pulling and needless troubleshooting hour we now automatically add the java argument necessary to enable IPv4 by default everywhere that we can.


Get to eclipse exploded war easily

Normally the synchronization between your eclipse tomcat server and your project works great. However, occasionally to debug problems it is useful to view in a file system the exploded war that eclipse copies your project resources into. This exploded war location can sometimes be difficult to find. To simplify this we've added an "Exploded WAR" link to the server properties page.



  • Looks great on a MacBook Retina Display
  • Installed and Enabled Code Recommenders Plugin
  • Added a Yaml file editor.
  • Refactored how our default Stack Code Formatter is installed to simplify customization by teams.
  • Install AnyEdit plugin by default.
  • Upgraded Subclipse to 1.8 full support for SVN 1.7.
  • Upgraded to STS 3.0.0. Now that SpringSource Tool Suite is open source were able to eliminate the STS installation prompt. STS is now installed by default.

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