LDSTech IDE 1.3.3

Upgraded to Eclipse Indigo SR2

This version is based on the recently released Indigo SR2. SR2 contains mostly bug fixes so hopefully this version will provide a more stable experience. :)

Open Web Build Support

We now support the newly created Open Web Maven Plugin in Eclipse. This will simplify the process of debugging an Open Web project post build. Execution of this feature is based upon Maven configuration so if your maven build is set up to run the Open Web Plugin the IDE will support that configuration.

Note: Since the Open Web Build doesn't support incremental complication a full Open Web Build is executed anytime an Open Web file is modified. If you wish to be more selective about when Open Web Builds take place either be careful about when you save files or turn off "Project->Build Automatically" and execute your builds manually.


Significant Perspective Refactor

Based on some feedback we've gone through and significantly refactored the default LDSTech Perspective. The more notable changes include:

  • Moving the Servers View to under the Project Explorer View
  • Rearranged the button bar to be more consistent across editors and to add/review buttons that were more or less used than others. If you don't like the changes please file an issue and we'd be happy to entertain support for your favorite button bar buttons.
  • Cleaned up the "Markers" view to only show Warning and Error Markers.
  • Removed the "Web Content" folder in the Project Explorer View. The Web Content folder had some bugs with it that have always annoyed me and led to confusion in some cases where there were multiple web content folders.
  • Added the TestNG plugin as a "Fast View" View by default.

If you are upgrading from a previous release you can "reset" to the new perspective layout by selecting Window->Reset Perspective...


Mylyn Support

We've addedd support for Mylyn in the default distribution. Mylyn is a tool to help integrate Task management systems into eclipse. Most Mylyn plugins were already in the IDE from STS integration. We've now rounded that out and made sure the jira, sonar, egit, and subclipse connectors were all installed by default.

We've also added the standard jira and sonar servers to the initial list of Mylyn task repositories.


Misc Upgrades

  • TestNG plugin upgraded to 6.4
  • Included Tomcat upgraded to 7.0.26
  • Emma code coverage upgraded to 2.1.0
  • Google Plugins upgraded to 2.5.2

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