LDSTech IDE 1.3.2

Version Display

We now display the version of the IDE you are using on the splash screen.


The version is also easier to see in the about screen. Simply click in the 'T' icon.

LDSTech Server

The LDSTech Server Adapter has been completely rewritten. It should now:

  • Resolved all outstanding bugs
  • Provide better error messages when it doesn't work
  • More maintainable
  • Much more efficient:
    • Improving Eclipse startup time
    • No more automatic 'cleaning' and 'publishing' the server when not requested by the user

Added 'Workspace Preferences Transferrer' Plugin

We added the Workspace Preferences Transferrer plugin as a default plugin. This plugin allows you to copy workspace preferences from one workspace to another using the File->Switch Workspace dialog.


Plugin Upgrades

  • Emma 2.0.1 (Based on the new Jacoco code coverage library)
  • SonarIDE 2.3
  • Google Plugin for Eclipse 2.5.1
  • TestNG 6.3.2

Configuration Improvements

Default Text Editors

Added the following file extensions to the default 'text' editor:

  • sql,ini,sh,bat,pkg,pkb,pls,trg,vw,nfo,inf,log,bsh

Added the following to the default 'XML' editor:

  • vm


If there are other file extension associations you'd like added please create an issue for them in our LDSTech Java Platform Jira project.

Set default XML Editor Tab to 'Source'

Now the first time you open an XML document it will take you to the 'Source' tab instead of the lame 'Design' tab.

Better Support for Repository Indexing

Maven Eclipse uses Repository Indexes to support various features like auto completion of dependency or plugin information. By default Maven Eclipse will download the index of Maven Central on startup. We turned index downloading off a few versions back because:

  1. It was taking so long to download the big maven central index
  2. It would allow for the auto completion of artifacts not in our repository

In this release we have added the lds-main repository to the Maven Index by default and disable the Maven Central index. So now only the much smaller lds-main index will be downloaded and auto completion of common artifacts will be available now with this index information.

If you wish to re-enable the Central index or other wise manage your index downloading do so using the Maven->Maven Repositories View.


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