LDSTech IDE 1.3.1

Based on Indigo SR1

Upgraded to Indigo SR1 and Eclipse 3.7.1.

Indigo SR1 also brings official Java 7 support to Eclipse.

Enhancements to LDSTech Server

Tomcat Deployable Configuration

The main enhancement is the ability to specify explicitly the tomcat-deployable project associated with this server. Because tomcat-deployable packaging is responsible for configuring a tomcat instance there should be a one to one relationship between the LDSTech Server and a tomcat-deployable. Now that the tomcat-deployable associated with a server is explicit it can provide the following benefits:

  • Improved error handling. Although we attempt to keep in sync the tomcat-deployable and the web projects deployed in the server it can occasionally get messed up. Now you can see the tomcat-deployable configuration it is using yourself.
  • The LDSTech Server knows what war(s) should be deployed to the server so if it cannot find an eclipse web project for the server it will instead use the actual .war file from the maven local repository. This will allow you to in theory:
    1. Remove the -web project from your server
    2. Build your -web project ->mvn install
    3. Start your LDSTech Server and it should use the built .war instead of the IDE resources. Good for testing things that only take place as part of build like Open Web compilation


Runtime Class Reloading

We also added support for "Agent Based Class Reloading" to the LDSTech Server Adapter. This loads a java agent to your tomcat that supports the reloading of class files without having to restart your server. Similar to JRebel but FREE and probably less mature. Give it a try. If you run into any issues with it contact a member of the Stack team so we can work to improve this useful tool. To use this feature you must have the STS Module installed.


Automatic Server Creation

Now when you import a Stack project into Eclipse the IDE will auto detect the import of a '-deploy' project and will automatically create an LDSTech Server for that '-deploy' project. It will auto detect Tomcat Version and JDK version.

A server will not be auto created if there is already another server associated with that '-deploy' project in the workspace or if the correct version of Tomcat could not be found.


Mark Target directory as 'Derived'

Eclipse has a feature that allows one to mark a directory as containing generated or '[derived]' content. For some reason m2e doesn't by default mark the 'target' directory as derived even though that is all it contains. So we now mark the 'target' directory as 'derived' for you. This limits some types of searches from finding resources in the target directory as well as some other minor functionality improvements.


Added Maven Eclpise Configurer for CXF wsdl2java Plugin

To support the use of the cxf wsdl2java maven plugin we created a Maven Eclipse 'Configurer' that will allow this plugin to work correctly with Maven Eclipse 1.x.

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