LDSTech IDE 1.3.0

Eclipse Indigo Based

This release is the first release to go against the Eclipse Indigo Release train and Eclipse 3.7.

Probably the biggest benefit Indigo brings is Maven Eclipse 1.0. Maven Eclipse 1.0 greatly improves upon all previous Maven Eclipse integration versions. You will notice that now your eclipse will be much faster, more memory efficient, less buggy, no more build loops, etc.

Tomcat 7 Support in LDSTech Server

The LDSTech Server is our Server Adapter that automatically configures Tomcat based upon the Tomcat Deployable configuration artifact format.


STS Install Prompting

SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) provides some great features for Spring developers. We would love to include STS by default with the LDSTech IDE. However, because of STS licensing restrictions we are not allowed to redistribute it. So, rather than distribute it we prompt for you to install it on startup now. 'Yes' will install. 'No' will not install and not ask you again. 'Cancel' will remove the dialog but prompt you again next time you restart.

If you want to learn on the STS home page.


Configuration Defaults

  • Set "unix" as the default line delimiter
  • Set UTF-8 as the default encoding

Removed xqdt Support

With indigo xqdt removed support for marklogic from their update site. So until we can find an update site for the marklogic integration we've removed xqdt all together.

Various Upgrades

  • Sonar Eclipse 2.1
  • Subclipse 1.6.18
  • Google Plugin for Eclipse 2.3.1
  • Upgraded TestNG Plugin

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