LDSTech Development Virtual Machine

The LDSTech web site consists of several components. The two key pieces that community developers are involved with are the LDSTech web site and the LDSTech wiki.

The LDSTech Development Virtual Machine is a VirtualBox appliance that contains functioning installations of the LDSTech web site and the wiki. Many developers will ultimately want to install a local xAMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) instance, but the VM provides a way to get started quickly with reduced

The LDSTech VM is running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Installing VirtualBox

VirtualBox allows you to create a virtual computer that runs inside your existing operating system. You can get more information on VirtualBox from the VirtualBox web site. If you do not have VirtualBox installed, you will need to download it from the VirtualBox downloads page and then install it on your computer.

Downloading the virtual machine

The current version of the virtual machine can be downloaded at This file is approximately 600MB, so you will need to plan your download accordingly.

Importing the virtual machine

Once you have downloaded the virtual machine, import it into VirtualBox by choosing File -> Import Appliance from the menu. Select the file you downloaded and complete the import wizard. When the import completes, you will see "LDSTech Development VM" listed in the VirtualBox interface.

Using the virtual machine

User/pass ldstech/ldstech Log in Determine IP address Connect from external browser LDSTech source tree Update from subversion Making changes (Samba, FTP) Commit to subversion Shutting down the VM

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