LDSTech Conference 2013 live music

During the 2013 LDSTech Conference, two music groups will be playing during lunch time, one each on Thursday and Friday: Craig & Tamilisa Miner, Kurt Olsen. These music groups will be performing during lunch, which begins at noon. Everyone is invited to take their lunch, go in and listen to the music and enjoy Here's a little more information about each group.

Thursday, Oct 17, Noon to 1pm

Craig and Tamilisa Miner both grew up playing bluegrass/folk music with their families and various bands. In 2008 they met while playing music in two separate bands at the same gig, and their music performing began together!

Craig has traveled nationally playing banjo and other instruments with the popular group Ryan Shupe & the Rubber Band since 1996. In addition to being a musician, Tamilisa is a media producer and actor. They married in August of 2010 and wish to have a family band one day.

Craig & Tamilisa Miner

Friday, Oct 18, Noon to 1 pm

Kurt Olsen is currently the Solution Manager for the Digital Presentation team within ICS. The team is responsible for video conferencing worldwide for the Church, along with conference rooms, the Meetinghouse Webcast product, and also specifying meetinghouse audio/visual equipment.

Kurt has been deeply involved with music since the age of 6 when he began taking piano lessons. He continued through college as a piano performance major at USU, studying with Dr. Gary Amano. Later on, he studied the organ with Dr. James Drake, and has had the privilege of playing the organs at the Tabernacle, Conference Center, and Assembly Hall. He has been a stake and ward organist for many years, and has conducted many organ training workshops.

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