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Class Sessions

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A Patriarchal Blessing—Do You Have Yours? (Gary Jestice and Bruce Searle)

Join us to learn about being entitled to and preparing for this inspired direction from the Lord. Learn how bishoprics, stake presidencies, patriarchs and scribes prepare a recommend and provide a patriarchal blessing for a member. Learn ways you can help the Church History Library find and fulfill a request for your blessing and the blessings of your ancestors.

FamilySearch Developer Website (Daniel Marshall)

FamilySearch assists partners with developing applications that “present members with resources and innovations that entice heart-turning experiences”. The presentation will emphasize resources found at It will cover Getting Started, Registering Accounts and Applications, Guides to Assist Developers, Tools to Assist Developers, API Documentation, and Certification.

Leveraging Technology to Share the Gospel (Kelly Gibson)

Your witness of the restored gospel can literally reach millions of people. Your experiences of faith can strengthen people you have never met. Based on stories from the Book of Mormon Facebook page -- explore how technology can be leveraged to share the gospel.

Meetinghouse Technology—What, Why, and How (Richard Brown and Bret Bassett)

Those who attend this seminar will learn the various technologies available for church meetinghouses and how they can be utilized to strengthen testimony and perform the administrative work of the kingdom. We will discuss the new webcasting solution, PVC, and how can provide answers to questions on how and why these technologies have been made available. The departments of the church have specific purposes for each technology and we will discuss how those purposes are met using the standard technologies. A brief description of how the technologies are acquired, setup and maintained will be covered. Time will be planned for asking questions. We will have various product managers and department managers on hand to answer questions.

Missionary Portal 3.0 (Dale W. Richards)

Missionaries have moved from the legacy Missionary Portal version 2 to a new, personalized portal experience built on Adobe Experience Manager. The experience is based off of the Church’s new style guide. Come learn how the Missionary Portal is revolutionizing the spiritual, temporal, and operational aspects of missionary service, including online training, call packet, call acceptance, visa preparation, and driver qualification.

Mobile Apps Unto Every Nation, Kindred, Tongue, and People (Jordan Hansen)

The Church is a worldwide community with members speaking over 100 languages. Come learn how you can use your non-English language skills to help make mobile apps usable by your brothers and sisters around the globe. We’re looking for volunteers who can translate, as well as volunteers who can install beta versions of mobile apps and review the translation in context.

What’s New in LDS Maps and the Boundary and Leader Proposal Tool (Bruce J Hall)

Come see the changes that have been made as part of the simplification efforts in LDS Maps, including new ways new search and display functionality within “Meetinghouse Locator.” We are also continuing our efforts with the new Boundary and Leadership Proposal application. Initial rollout has begun and we are now working on more complex multi-stake proposals and overlay units such as YSA and language units.

Social Media: Listen, Learn, Act (Casey Mortensen)

During this session, we’ll explore how the Church uses social listening to create better social media content. We’ll also explore how page owners can use these same tactics to build strong social communities and increase reach.

A Peek at the Future: How Multiscreen and Personalization Will Impact and Other Church Digital Products (Jeff Isom)

Never in the history of the world has more content been available in more ways than today. The Church is wrestling with how to best provide gospel messages and helpful tools in this ever-changing digital landscape. This presentation will explore how personalization and multi-screen approaches are impacting and other digital products.

Advances in Missionary Online Learning Technology (Dale W. Richards)

Missionaries that serve in today’s increasingly complex world have greater needs for training and support by leaders in the field and at home. Come learn how the learning management system Net Dimensions and Business Intelligence technology integrate with the Missionary Portal to deliver dynamic training and facilitate interactions between Mission Presidents, Stake and Ward leaders, parents, and mentors.

FamilySearch App Gallery (Gordon Clarke)

FamilySearch assists partners with marketing applications that “present members with resources and innovations that entice heart-turning experiences”. The presentation will emphasize the value of partner applications found at It will cover Value to Partners, Value to Patrons, Application Categories, Platforms/Prices/Languages, FamilySearch Compatibility, Alphabetical/New/Updates Sorts, Ratings and Reviews, Getting Applications Listed, Logos and Branding Guidelines.

FamilySearch Tree Mobile—Using FamilySearch Tree to Turn Hearts (Paul Dupaix)

How to use Family Tree to find out about your ancestors anywhere, any time. Saving a memory of their past and your past will help turn the hearts of generations to come.

Hastening the Work Through Digital Service (Samuel Bradshaw)

Learn about ways you can use your technology talents to hasten the work! Let’s put our digital shoulders to the wheel. We’ll look at some quotes and video clips about technology, and briefly introduce several online service opportunities, including FamilySearch Indexing, (donating media and photo tagging), LDSTech projects (especially LDS Music Content, Mobile Translation, and app beta testing), and sharing the gospel online.

LDS Music for iOS and Android (Samuel Bradshaw and Jordan Hansen)

Learn how the Church's official music app can help you in your calling, at church, and at home. Calendar Updates (Regan J Willmore)

To get the most out of Calendar on make sure it is set up correctly from the start. Let the LDSTech group help you ensure you have the program fine-tuned for your Stake and Ward. From Administrators to Editors and everyone in between, come learn the best ways to ensure your members are well informed of upcoming Events and Activities. We will discuss Location setup, Calendar creation, Private versus Public calendars, Building Schedulers, Subscriptions, the fine art of Creating Events and more. All this and a chance to ask questions of the experts. Come enjoy an interactive experience with this great tool.

LDS Tools App: What’s New? What’s Next? (Justin Krebs)

We will review the new features in the LDS Tools app including home and visiting teaching data and reports and preview upcoming updates including a refreshed user interface.

Member Contributed Media— (Scott Olson and Julia Jeffery)

Learn more about how members can share their media talents with the Church. (Photos, Music, & Videos)

New Meetinghouse Webcast (Adam Lowry)

Meetinghouse Webcast allows Stake Conferences and other meetings to be displayed at other locations for overflow capacity and alternatives to difficult or long distance travel. Join us as we review what we’ve learned over the past 6 months with the New Meetinghouse Webcast and where we’re headed next.

Privacy and the Internet of Things (IoT) (Peter Muller)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a game-changing moment in our relationship with technology and personal data. The IoT brings with it new challenges for anyone who cares about the responsible use of data.

Satellite Systems for the STS (Scott Poulsen)

Discussion about the overall system logic and what each component does – also, how everything works together.

Social Media Trends & How the Church Is Responding to Them (Jared Covington)

We’ll examine some of the most recent general trends in social media and discuss how the Church is building upon them to take its message to all the world.

Strengthening the Rising Generation Through Technology (Mike Madsen)

This presentation will focus on reaching the rising generation through technology, particularly using Face2Face events.

The Role of Technology Specialists (TS*) in Establishing the Church Throughout the World (Richard Brown and Bret Bassett)

Those who attend this seminar will learn of the various types of Technology Specialists called to support the technology at use throughout the church. They will learn how area technology specialists (ATS), stake technology specialists (STS) and assistant technology specialists (aTS) work together to fully utilize the technology solutions provided by the church. Roles of an STS and assistant TS, FM, Area ICS will be discussed as well as qualifications of an STS, things an STS does, places where ATS may serve, and successes ATS’s experience as they serve. Time for question will be provided.

User Education Q&A on the Gospel Library Mobile App (Rob Jex)

Half the presentation will focus on showing how to use the various features of the Gospel Library mobile app, including personal study tools and search. The other half will be a question and answer session with the app’s product manager.

Idea Sharing Sessions

Gospel Library Teaching Module (Evan M. Fox)

Enabling Latter-day Developers and Designers (AJ ONeal)

Member Mapping Tool (Daniel Conine)

Worldwide Family Night Concept (Tim Bowers)

App and Game Contest

See the Contest Gallery 2015 for a list of all the apps that were submitted and the awards that were received.File:LDSTech Conference 2015 Attendees.jpeg

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