LDSTech Conference 2015 registration

Only those who will be able to attend the conference in person are asked to register for the LDSTech Conference 2015. There will be a lot of project opportunities for attendees, no matter what technical skills you have. Remote viewers will be able to see the conference schedule when it is posted so they know what to expect for later streaming.


In the list of breakout sessions, each class has been categorized as General (Church) Member, Calling Specific, or Developer. That way both techies and non-techies can find sessions they are most suited for.

There will be limited live streaming. The focus is to reserve the necessary WiFi connection for those who register to attend in person. Presentations throughout the event will be recorded and available for streaming online at a later time.

Register for the conference

To register for the conference beginning July 1, 2015:

  1. Go to go to and sign in with your LDS Account.
  2. When you log in, you will see a basic form that asks for your name, address, contact information, and meal preferences. Complete the fields.
  3. Click Register. You will receive a confirmation email and be automatically directed to the conference schedule viewer.

Cancel your registration

If you need to cancel your registration, do the following:

  1. Go to go to and sign in with your LDS Account.
  2. Click Profile on the top menu.
  3. Scroll down and click Unregister.
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