LDSTech Conference 2015

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The 2015 LDSTech Conference will be held October 15, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The LDSTech Conference is one day of information-packed sessions about Church technology, sharing your technical ideas with the Church, and opportunities to interact with other technology minded members. The conference is free and everyone is invited to attend, regardless of technical skill.

Since last years contest was so successful, we've done the Gospel App & Game Development Contest again! We're also allowing the public to vote on the submitted apps this year for the People's Choice Award.

2015 LDSTech Conference details

Location: University of Utah Institute of Religion
1780 E. South Campus Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
Date: October 15, 2015
Times: 8am - 5pm Thursday
Who can attend: Everyone is invited
Cost: Free + includes breakfast and lunch
Keynote: Bill Holman, Portfolio Director End-User Productivity, ICS
Register: <Register Now!--Go to>


There are two ways to view the conference this year: physically present the day of or as a virtual viewer after the event. Only those who will attend in person need go through the registration process. The conference is one day only. In-person attendance provides the opportunity to meet with others, discuss ideas and concerns, provide feedback, see the latest in LDS technology, and even experience the newest gospel-related software as part of the 2015 Gospel App & Game Contest.

If you intend to view remotely this year, video streaming of the event will be available online after the scheduled conference in Salt Lake City.

Conference Schedule & Registration

Click HERE to see the conference schedule. By signing in and selecting at least one class to your scheule, you will be registered for the conference. You'll know you've registered correctly to attend in person if you see the green check at the top of the page indicating you are registered.

Attending in person

Those who intend to attend the conference on the October 15, 2015 need to register. Registration counts help us plan room sizes, food, and other details.

Commercial and Public Transportation

Those flying into Salt Lake City for the conference have both commercial and public transportation options to get to their lodging locations and the conference location. Cabs, limousines, and shuttles provided by many hotels both to and from the airport (be sure to ask your lodging option if they offer one) are regularly available at the airport.

Public transportation options are also available. The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) operates buses, light rail (TRAX), and commuter rail (FrontRunner). The three TRAX lines run every 15 minutes on weekdays with three lines connecting destinations throughout the Salt Lake Valley. The TRAX Red Line serves the LDSTech Conference at the University South Campus TRAX Station, which is immediately adjacent to the University of Utah Institute of Religion. The TRAX Green Line connects the Salt Lake City International Airport at the Airport TRAX Station with downtown Salt Lake City. Transfers between the TRAX Green Line and TRAX Red Line can be accomplished at the Courthouse TRAX Station. FrontRunner runs hourly on weekdays (half-hourly during morning and evening rush hours) and connects Salt Lake City with Ogden to the north and Provo to the south. Current fares are listed on UTA's website. Click the map to the right for a larger version of UTA's Rail System Map.


Special rates have been set up for LDSTech Conference attendees at the following hotels:

What to bring

You’ll need to bring your own laptop to the conference. Wifi access will be available, but not network ports (due to security restrictions), so make sure your laptop has wireless capability. Also remember your power cords. Plenty of power stations will be available for you to stay charged up. Mobile devices will also be needed if you have them. If you plan to help with Android, iOS, or doing any other mobile work, don't forget to bring those devices.

As for what to wear, the dress code is casual to business casual clothing. Jeans are acceptable, but avoid shorts and sandals.

Share your ideas for Church projects

The 2015 LDSTech Conference will feature an "Idea Share" session designed to give you the chance to share your software and technology project ideas with Church employees. If you have a great idea for a Church application, or have already developed an application on your own and want employees of the Church to consider these ideas, this is your chance to communicate this information. To pre-register for this opportunity please download, print, and email it to Release to Record. You will then be contacted to gather more information and a time slot.

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