LDSTech Conference 2013 session streams

Watch recordings of keynotes and popular sessions from the 2013 LDSTech Conference through the links below. Individual presentations are listed below; most sessions are also available through this single link: Watch-it-now.png

Note: biographies on the Keynote Speakers are found here.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Topic Presenter Stream
Keynote Address Blaine Maxfield Watch-it-now.png
Gospel Study David Weiss Watch-it-now.png
Member Contributed Media Scott Olson Watch-it-now.png
Chapters: What are they? What can they do? Dan Eliason Watch-it-now.png
LDS Music for Mobile Justin Wagner Watch-it-now.png
LDS Tools Mobile App for iOS and Android Justin Krebs Watch-it-now.png
How to set up the Calendar Application for your Ward or Stake Jed Black Watch-it-now.png
LDS Maps: Now and in the Future Bruce Hall Watch-it-now.png
Clerk Resources on Rick Partridge Watch-it-now.png
RAPid Template Rendering Tyler Dalton Watch-it-now.png
Enhancing Personal Scripture Study Ali Parrish Watch-it-now.png
Gospel Library for Android Mike Jones, Jordan Hansen Watch-it-now.png
How International Church Areas Operate Troy Davis Watch-it-now.png
Webcast and Personal Video Conferencing Richard Brown Watch-it-now.png
CSM: A New Tool to Manage the Church Missionary Program Mark Bishop, Paula Anderson, Elder Langford Watch-it-now.png
LDSTech Development Tools Tim Riker Watch-it-now.png
Full Time Technology Missionary Opportunities Paul Scherbel Watch-it-now.png
LDS Jobs Demo Brenda Smith Watch-it-now.png

Friday, October 18, 2013

Topic Presenter Stream
Keynote Address David Warner Watch-it-now.png
Overview of how to use the Calendar Jed Black Watch-it-now.png
Strengthening the Rising Generation Mike Madsen Watch-it-now.png
Record-Keeping and Technology Support Site on Justin Krebs Watch-it-now.png
Teaching the Lost Sheep: Support for the less technically-minded Dan Eliason Watch-it-now.png
LDS Account Roadmap Ben Hutchins, Sherrie Cowley Watch-it-now.png
Surviving the Living Dead David Fox Watch-it-now.png
What is the LDSTech Mission? Alan Smoot Watch-it-now.png
Tools to further the Widow's Mite in Facilities Darrell Redford, Dean Kitteston Watch-it-now.png
Managing Agile Projects with Jira Howard Olson Watch-it-now.png
Confessions of an Automation Addict David Rosskopf Watch-it-now.png Overview of the website Jeff Isom Watch-it-now.png
Digital Media Presentation Kurt Olson, Marianne Jennings, Kurtis Dallinga Watch-it-now.png
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