LDSTech Conference 2013 schedule

When details have been finalized for the 2013 LDSTech Conference, this is where the schedule will be posted for viewing by those remote viewers unable to attend in person. Those who will be attending the 2013 Conference in person will then be able to view the schedule by going to and sign up to attend sessions.

The conference schedule shows all the presentations, projects, and keynote speakers scheduled for the conference. It also includes presenter information, times, and locations. Read below for more information about the different venues of learning during the conference and to learn how to fill your schedule.


The list of projects available includes applications, meetinghouse technologies, mobile apps, and more. You can sign up to attend as many project sessions as you want. One purpose of the conference is to provide a time and space for project teams to work together on projects, so many project sessions last several hours. Ideally, if you're signing up for a project session, you should also join that project on LDSTech.

Many sessions at the conference are intended for you to work on projects.


Many LDSTech conference attendees want to learn more about Church technology rather than participate on projects. Because of this interest, we expanded educational offerings with more presentations, booths, handouts, and other information about a variety of Church technology. Presentations will be recorded for remote viewers to stream after the conference.

About half of the sessions at the conference are presentations on various Church tools and technologies.


The halls and foyers of the conference area will have information booths and experts to provide information about popular Church products. Classes and tutorial sessions will be held on a number of common Church tech products, such as the calendar or Personal Video Conferencing.

Booths will also be available for you to browse.

Signing up to attend sessions

Signing up to attend sessions ensures a presentation or project reserves a room large enough to hold all attendees. It also helps presenters plan their presentation to suit a particular sized audience and provides a final headcount of who will be physically attending the conference. Follow the steps below to sign up for sessions.

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. When you log in, you will see a screen with a schedule and a list of sessions. The sessions you’ve signed up for appear on the schedule on the left, and the list on the right displays all available sessions.
    Note that some activities are placed by default onto your schedule, such as the keynote speech and time for lunch.
  3. Browse the available sessions by clicking the filter links on the right. You can filter by track, tag, presenter, or hour. Tracks refer to the type of activity, whether it’s a presentation, project, or booth. Tags refer to the activity’s topic. You can also search for sessions with your own keywords.
  4. To sign up for a session, click the empty circle to the left of the session title in the list. That session will then appear in a blue box your schedule. To see more details about a session, click the bold session title in the list. Note that you can only register for sessions in white boxes. Those in gold boxes already exist on your schedule. If you select two sessions that begin at the same time or overlap, you will only be signed up for one. The other will be placed on your schedule as a gray tentative session.
    Add a session by clicking the empty circle.
  5. To register for a tentative session already on your schedule, click the magnifying glass on the event and choose [register]. You are then signed up for that session and the other becomes a tentative session.
    Click the magnifying glass to sign up for a tentative session.
  6. To delete a session, either click the x on the event in your schedule, or the red circled x in the list of sessions.
    Delete a session by clicking the 'x'.

Please fill your schedule with sessions. Take full advantage of the time and opportunities offered at the LDSTech Conference. We look forward to seeing you there!

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