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The 2013 LDSTech Conference was held October 17–18 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The LDSTech Conference consists of two days of information-packed sessions about Church technology, community sessions for testing and developing Church software, and opportunities to interact with other community volunteers. The conference is free and everyone is invited to attend, regardless of technical skill.

2013 LDSTech Conference details

Location: University of Utah Institute of Religion
1780 E. South Campus Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
Date: October 17–18, 2013
Times: 8am - 4pm Thursday and Friday
Who can attend: Everyone is invited
Cost: Free and includes breakfast and lunch both days
Keynotes: Guest speakers to be announced
Register: Go to


There are two ways to view the conference this year: physically present the day of or as a virtual viewer after the event. Only those who will attend in person need go through the registration process. When you register you can select to attend one day or both days. If you intend to view remotely this year, video streaming of the event will be available online in coming days after the scheduled conference in Salt Lake City.

Attending in person

Those who intend to attend the conference on the 17th and/or 18th need to register at Registration counts help us plan room sizes, food, and other details.

Filling your schedule

You can select the conference sessions you want to attend at

For more details on signing up for sessions to fill in your schedule, see the LDSTech Conference 2013 schedule page.


Lodging and public transportation information for LDSTech Conference attendees has been announced, with the securing of two hotels for attendees. Little America Hotel (500 South Main, Salt Lake City) and University Marriott (just south of the University of Utah campus on Wakara Way Drive) are both offering special rates for conference attendees.

The reservation link for the University Marriott. This Marriott is offering a rate of $89 per night for conference attendees.

The reservation link for Little America Hotel. Little America is offering rates from $101 per night to $118 per night for conference attendees.

Commercial and Public Transportation

Those flying into Salt Lake City for the conference have both commercial and public transportation options to get to their lodging locations and the conference location. Cabs, limousines and shuttles provided by many hotels both to and from the airport (be sure to ask your lodging option if they are one) are regularly available at the airport.

Public tranpsortation options are also available. Buses and a commuter rail, called TRAX, are both readily available from the airport.

The Bus option costs $2.00 to get into downtown – requesting a bus transfer when you get on will allow you to transfer from the airport line to either the University of Utah line (to get to the conference site or to the University Marriott) or to go south on Main Street (to get to Little America).

TRAX is slightly more expensive, $2.50, but can get you right to Little America or the Conference site (it is just south of the South Campus station for Trax) and just a short walk to University Marriott on Wakara Way Drive.

TRAX’s fare is $2.50 (one way) with a potential $1.25 additional for a one-way route deviation fare. A day pass is $6.25 and a 10-punch route deviation punch card is also available for $12.50 - all the TRAX stations from the airport to the U of U have ticket/fare kiosks which accept credit cards for payment of fares or the day pass or the route deviation fares.

The Green Line (#704) goes from the airport to the Courthouse and then to Little America, continuing on into the southern part of Salt Lake Valley. The Red Line (#704) goes from the southwest part of Salt Lake Valley north until it goes to Little America on Main Street and then to the Courthouse and proceeds easterly to the University of Utah’s South Campus station and beyond. This South Campus station which is the closest to the Conference site location (U of U’s LDS Institute of Religion Building – located immediately south of the TRAX station). The TRAX line does NOT go TO the University Marriott but is very close – a short walk to the south & east, to Wakara Way Drive.

What to bring

You’ll need to bring your own laptop to the conference. Wifi access will be available, but not network ports (due to security restrictions), so make sure your laptop has wireless capability. Also remember your power cords. Plenty of power stations will be available for you to stay charged up. Mobile devices will also be needed if you have them. If you plan to help with Android, iOS or doing any other mobile work, don't forget to bring those devices.

As for what to wear, the dress code is casual to business casual clothing. Jeans are acceptable, but avoid shorts and sandals.

Connecting to WiFi

WiFi will be available to you during the conference. To connect to the WiFi:

  1. Browse the available wireless networks and connect to hills network.
  2. Open browser and point it at
  3. Enter lds in the First name field.
  4. Enter tech in the Last name field.

Note: for security reasons, you cannot plug directly into a network port. Make sure your laptop has wireless capability.

View recordings streamed online

If you can’t attend the conference in person, you can view any session via streaming technology after the event. We will post more details about the sessions that will be streamed as the conference approaches. To view the stream, you need only a computer and high speed Internet connection.

Share your ideas for Church projects

The 2013 LDSTech Conference will feature a new "Idea Share" session designed to give you the chance to share your software and technology project ideas for potential sponsorship. If you have a great idea for a Church application, or have already developed an application on your own and want to see it become an official Church application, this is your chance to communicate this information to Church employees. To pre-register for this opportunity visit our Idea Share registration page.

Share notes on presentations you attend

Details forthcoming.


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