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LDSTech Chapters are local (or in some cases, virtual) groups of volunteers interested in technology. Chapter members work to support stake technology specialists (STSs), LDSTech conferences, train local LDS members, network, and accomplish additional needs identified by the group.


LDSTech Chapters may take on a number of roles; from assisting the STSs, to providing individual training to members and leaders. There are also opportunities to assist with the development and testing of new or upgraded applications. The main function of these volunteer groups, however, is to help members make the best use of new technology in the following ways:

  • Improve members' effectiveness in their callings
  • Enhance members' personal study
  • Expand members' ability to proclaim the gospel

Any group of individuals willing to help leaders and members make better use of new technology can become a Chapter. Such a group could be composed of people with any number of skill sets. The ability to “write code”, while helpful, is not a criterion. Anyone from a career network engineer to a youth with an interest in technology can join a chapter.

Watch this video presentation from the 2013 LDSTech Conference: "Chapters: What are they? What can they do?".


New STSs can struggle to comprehend the technology operations, people, and systems within the stake. The Meetinghouse Technology Coordination team (MHTC) has the responsibility to provide ongoing support to STSs through However, a Chapter could help deal with the burgeoning demands of MHTC by providing additional technical expertise from qualified volunteers.


Anyone can start a chapter; you do not need to be called to the position. It makes the job easier if the lead person is a Stake Technology Specialist or a Church Service Missionary, but that is not a firm requirement. Any volunteer who has the desire can initiate a group. Some may choose to request a formal calling as a service missionary.

To see if there is an existing Chapter in your area, scroll down this page. For questions, feel free to use the following contact information:

Elder or Sister Bentley:

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