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You can read updates about the LDSTech Blog and Wiki project below. Additional information prior to March 21, 2012 is available on the project's Google Group page.

March 30, 2012

  • Added LDSTech:Wiki editing tutorial. Presented information to group of about 30 people at LDSTech Conference.
  • Strategic takeaways from conference:
    • Use wiki to manage tasks rather than JIRA. There are several reasons: (1) JIRA is a platform one step removed from the content. Putting tasks directly on the wiki allows volunteers to engage immediately with content. (2) This is how Wikipedia does it. (3) People don't have to join a project to start contributing. (4) If volunteer writing needs editing, the content will still exist on the wiki so that others can help out. Their efforts won't be forgotten in an unpublished Word file.
    • Provide more entry portals to the wiki. We need to increase the findability of the information significantly. No one can find anything on the wiki. We need to create portals by calling, location, event, product, device, and activity.
    • Implement a better translation strategy. The Meetinghouse technology group will probably move their content to to support translation. We need to investigate our translation strategy more fully. I think it might be good to experiment with a family of wikis to see if this takes off (at least for Spanish and Portuguese languages).
    • Change homepage from blog to 1-2-3 steps for volunteers. People don't really understand the site or what to do. We should probably change the homepage so that the blog is in the background rather than the foreground.
    • Incorporate semantic tagging. We discussed whether it makes sense segment information onto different wikis. Although it might make it easier to find the information, it would also cut us off from opportunities to cross-associate and query the information. Through the semantic tagging extension, we could create lists of pages based on sophisticated queries.

March 29, 2012

March 28, 2012

March 27, 2012

March 26, 2012

March 23, 2012

March 22, 2012

Links to project pages: I added links to each of the project pages on the LDSTech Projects portal page. Many of these project pages are out of date, don't have any content, or need a lot more detail. Most pages don't look consistent with each other, so it's no wonder that volunteers get lost and feel out of the communication loop. I think project leaders should designate someone on their project to keep up the wiki page for the project. It would also be good to include a regular status update on the project page. One point of feedback from the Silicon Valley chapter is that it's hard to tell what the status of each project is. That's certainly true, and you get a sense of it when you browse through the wiki pages. Is the project still going on? Is it in the beginning phase, the end? What kind of work needs to be done, and do I fit in? We are developing guidelines for project pages and will be contacting project managers to implement them.
LDSTech Conference site updates: I modified a lot of conference info, as well as added photos to give it more appeal. Thanks to a Taryn Sauer for helping with the Sharing ideas for Church projects content. Also thanks to Keri Marler for reviewing the LDSTech Conference pages on the wiki. One effort that remains is figuring out how to coordinate "live blogging" via the wiki. I would like to create a page for each presentation, and then invite attendees to take notes on that page. But if they all edit the page simultaneously, it will try to merge their edits at the end. Better would be for attendees to take notes in Notepad and then paste their notes onto the page afterward. I'm excited about this experiment.
Subpages styles and conventions: I have been researching the best styles for subpages. User:Aebrown has been integral in helping me with wiki strategies. The subpage issue is too convoluted to explain here, but it's becoming more and more important to define a consistent style as we add more content to the wiki.
Style guides: I added our User Education group's style guide to the wiki, but it needs a lot of wikification and refinement. Some of the style guidelines don't make sense on the wiki. Ideally, I want to include these writing guidelines on a new portal page for working with the wiki.

March 21, 2012

Preparations for the LDSTech Conference: We are busy preparing for the upcoming LDSTech Conference, to be held March 28-30 in Riverton, UT. As part of this preparation, I'm creating as many JIRA tasks as possible so that conference attendees will have a clear sense of the work they can do. I hope to create 200 different work items that people can assign themselves.
Project focus expanding to include wikis: I also expanded the focus of the group to include the wiki as well. I've become convinced that the wiki is where we should be publishing most of the content. The blog should mostly let readers know what has been updated on the wiki.
Status updates now published on the wiki: I also plan to publish status updates on this wiki now. This will help new members get up to speed on the project. One of the main problems with LDSTech projects is lack of communication. Sending out status updates via Google Groups is good, but for those who join after you send out the status update, it's inconvenient to dig through the Google Group archives to find this information. Hopefully by providing status updates on this wiki page, new members and existing members will be able to more easily read through the project's status and progress.
Wiki upgrade: We are trying to upgrade the wiki skin to support Mediawiki 1.18. This will allow us to incorporate an extension called the Semantic Mediawiki Extension. This extension will allow us to tag each page with various metadata. This should increase the findability of the information. The 1.18 skin will also enable us to incorporate some other extensions, such as a Brightcove extension, a search extension, and others as well. We almost have the skin upgraded. It's a complicated technical task that is 90% complete.
Presentation Summary Write-ups: If you're going to be attending the LDSTech Conference and you want to write something conference-related, you can create presentation summaries. When you attend a presentation, take detailed notes. Later you can type up these notes and we can publish them on the blog. Let me know if you're going to be attending. See User:Johnsonth for my contact information.
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