Keynote - John Edwards (2012 LDSTech Conference)

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John Bell (executive producer of the new Bible videos): In the fall of 2009, there was hardly any Church-owned audiovisual material on the Bible that could be use in connection with internet guidelines. Most Church AV material was produced before the internet became prominent for AV material, so the production and copyrights of the old materials was not suited for the internet age. In January 2010, the Church was authorized to begin creating new AV material about the Bible (specifically, about the life of the Savior) that was in compliance with the new internet-era regulations.

John Edwards: bio Even though the Church produces professional material, and others (such as his wife) might produce things that are not professional quality, the thing binding all of us is our consecrated effort.

Here are some sketchnotes captured by Ben Norris:

LDSTech Sketchnotes John Edwards.png
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