Introduction to the Java Stack

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This training will provide a brief introduction to the Java Stack team and some of its tools. It is useful for both developers and managers. This training is even beneficial for those who believe they already know what the Stack provides and how we provide it. This training will become a prerequisite for all future Stack trainings.


  • A workstation running Windows, Linux, or Mac OS
  • A desire to learn


Overview of Java Stack Team and Tools

  • Address the purpose of the Java Stack team and how we can help with your Java development needs.
  • Identify how the Java Stack tools can help with your Java development needs.
  • Introduce Forum, wiki, reference documentation, issue tracker, etc.

Getting Started with the Java Stack v3

  • Install LDSTech IDE
  • Introduce Stack Starter
  • Create and execute a simple Stack 3 project
  • Briefly outline and introduce the created project

Slide Deck

Here are the slides for this training Media:IntroductionToTheJavaStack.ppt

Introduction Presentation

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Lab 1 Stack Support Tools

Visit and become familiar with the support tools of the Java Stack:

Presentation Solution 1 and Stack Tools

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Lab 2 Install LDSTech IDE

Install the LDSTech IDE following the instructions found in the Getting_started_with_the_LDSTech_IDE_(Java_WebApp_platform). Stop after the "Launch LDSTech IDE" section.

Presentation Solution 2 and Stack Starter

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Lab 3 First Application

In this lab you will create a new application using Stack Starter, import this application into your LDSTech IDE, and run the application.

  • Launch the Java Stack Starter.
  • Follow these steps to create you application:
    1. Give your application a "Project Name" with no spaces or special characters.
    2. Give your application a java package name.
    3. Specify where you would like this application created. There should not be any spaces in the directory. For example: "c:\training". A directory matching your project name will be created inside of the directory specified.
    4. Select "Next".
    5. In the "Security" section uncheck "Use LDS Account Authentication".
    6. In the "Service Layer" section change "Database Platform" to "embedded".
    7. Select "Next".
    8. Select "Build".
    9. When your application is built go ahead "Exit".
  • Next we will import this project into your LDSTech IDE.
    1. Launch the LDSTech IDE.
    2. Close the "Welcome" Screen.
    3. Go to File->Import...->Maven->Existing Maven Projects Select "Next".
    4. Specify the location of your newly created project in "Root Directory". For example "c:\training\stack-starter". Select "Finish".
    5. This will configure your eclipse workspace to use this maven project. It may take several minutes to download maven dependencies.
  • Once it appears the application is imported and all dependencies downloaded we need to run the application on Tomcat:
    1. Right click on the "...-web" folder in the Eclipse "Project Explorer".
    2. Go to Run As->Run on Server
    3. Select "Finish"
  • Your application will now be deployed to your local tomcat instance and the application will be launched. When complete your browser should launch showing you the home page of your application.
  • Use your application. Create a few "Example" rows.
  • Extra Credit: Using your IDE attempt to stop and start your server.
  • Extra Credit: Modify your project's home page in some way.

Presentation Solution 3 and Conclusion

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