Internationalization and the Java Stack - Part 2

This training will cover some internationalization tips and best practices, as well as internationalization tooling support in the Java Stack – including a cool new runtime pseudo translation tool. This session will be beneficial for both testers and developers alike.


Slide deck

Example code

Section 1

Click here for the Screencast Recording

Lab 1

Pseudo Translator

  • Download the lab code and import the project into your favorite IDE.
  • Get your application deployed and running in Tomcat.
  • Make sure the project runs http://localhost: 8080/pseudo-translator-lab/
  • Fix all of the internationalization best practice blunders.
    • Go to the pseudo translator locale http://localhost: 8080/pseudo-translator-lab/pseudo?locale=zz
    • Fix all of the internationalization issues that you find originating in pseudo.jsp.


Click here for the Screencast Recording

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