Audio-visual conferencing (meetinghouse) policies and guidelines

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For many years, leaders around the world have substituted technology enabled meetings, such as a telephone audio conference, for some face to face meetings. There is no specific policy promoting nor prohibiting this practice.

Video conferencing policy

The approved video conferencing policy specifies that only approved hardware solutions can be connected to the Church network, including Meetinghouse Internet. Currently, this hardware is from Polycom, with the HDX series approved for purchase. However, for most video conferencing needs, Personal Video Conferencing (PVC) is the preferred and recommended solution.

Usage tips and guidelines

Holding virtual meetings in place of face-to-face meetings is a new concept for many leaders of the Church. While such meetings can significantly reduce the need for travel, the change can be an awkward transition. Virtual Meeting Tips and Guidelines is designed to help you make the change to this new way of holding a meeting. These guidelines are for all kinds of virtual meetings. Please e-mail your feedback about the tips and guidelines to video conferencing support, audio conferencing support or web conferencing support depending on the type of meeting you have held.

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