Installing the Fortify plugin into the LDSTech IDE

Fortify is available for internal use and includes an Eclipse plugin. The plugin will work with the LDSTech IDE, but does require a modification to the setup steps in order to work.

It is assumed that you have the instructions for installing Fortify and the Eclipse plugin. The Eclipse plugin installer relies on the name of the Eclipse executable to be eclipse.exe, but in the LDSTech IDE, it is named lds-tech.exe. There is a workaround to make this work, however.

Before running the Fortify Eclipse plugin installer:

  1. Go to the directory you installed the LDSTech IDE into and navigate into the eclipse folder
  2. Rename lds-tech.exe to eclipse.exe and lds-tech.ini to eclipse.ini
  3. Run the Fortify Eclipse plugin installer
  4. Rename eclipse.exe back to lds-tech.exe and eclipse.ini back to lds-tech.ini
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