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Following are wish lists for the Gospel Library for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) .

Navigation wish list

  • The “LDS Scriptures” iTunes app is the best app for the LDS Scriptures, but it is no longer supported by its developers and a great loss in that all things saved on the app can no longer backed up or saved and transferred to a new phone or pad. Please see if you can buy the rights to this app and support it. It will solve most of the wish list here and in most cases do a better job.
  • One tap of the top status bar (signal strength, time, etc.) brings you back to the top of the chapter, just a a web page in safari DONE!
  • Portrait or Landscape modes by turning the phone (available in all screens)
  • Have the ability to select a spinning dial to dial in a collection,book,chapter,verse all from one screen (E.g.: BoM,Jacob,Ch6,V4)
NOTE: This option should be available anywhere you are in the application
  • Move items that aren't "Library" off the Library Screen and into the cog/settings box: About, Help, Manage Content.
    • Use freed up space to allow multiple ways of viewing the library materials: Nested (current), alphabetical, By Category (un-nested but grouped), Most frequently accessed.
    • Maybe even allow customized Library Screens
  • Swipe up or down to scroll between verses within a chapter (one scrollable page for each chapter)
  • Swipe right to go back one chapter (to the beginning of the previous chapter) DONE!
  • Swipe left to go forward one chapter (to the beginning of the next chapter) DONE!
    • Double-finger horizontal swipe to move between the tabs.
    • Single swipe would replace the next/prev buttons perhaps, but there would still need to be some way to pull up all tab thumbnails.
  • Underlined words for footnotes rather that superscript numbers
  • Ability to follow footnotes to concordance, JST, other scriptures, or dictionary and return to the same spot DONE!
  • Set a bookmark or highlight a verse just by touching a verse number (triggers a pop up options box)
  • Full screen option activated and deactivated with a single click on the center of the screen. DONE!
  • Touch and hold your finger in the upper right corner to bring up a verse scroll bar along the right side
EX: Verses: 1,2,3,4,5 etc. just the number of verses in the current chapter
  • Touch and hold your finger in the upper left corner to bring up a chapter scroll bar along the left side
EX: Chapters: 1,2,3,4,5 etc. just the number of chapters in the current book
  • Touch and hold your finger in the lower left corner to bring up book scroll bar along the left side
EX: Books: 1Nephi,2Nephi,Jacob,Enos etc. Books of the current collection
  • Touch and hold your finger in the lower right corner to bring up collection scroll bar along the right side
EX: Collections: BoM,D&C,PoGP,OT,NT,JST etc.

(Display the selection in a box at the top of the screen as you scroll your finger along the scroll bar for a precise selection, release finger to select)

  • Could iPhone navigation features like pinch-to-zoom be leveraged to intuitively zoom in and out?
  • When following a reference link (such as 2 Nephi 2:25-27) from one window, it would be nice to have that section (verses 25-27) highlighted in the new window DONE!

Function Bar at the bottom of the screen wish list

  • Home screen icon
  • Back and Fwd history arrows (back and forward to where you have been since opening the application) DONE!
  • Lookup icon with a dial to select by: collection, book, chapter and verse EX: BoM Jacob Ch3 V6
  • Search Icon DONE!
  • Tools Icon (popup for marking, bookmarks, notes, preferences)

Function Bar at the top of the screen wish list

  • Icons for current: Collection, Book, Chapter, and Verse
EX: BoM  Jacob  Ch6  V2
NOTE: Touch an icon button to select it and a screen pops up with shortcut icons
  • Touch the current collection icon to bring up a page with an icon for each collection EX: BoM
RE: OT, NT, BoM,D&C, PoGP, JST, Dic Etc. Touch an icon to go to the beginning of that collection
  • Touch the current book icon to bring up a page with an icon for each book in the current collection EX: Jacob
RE: 1Nephi, 2Nephi, Jacob, Enos, Etc.  Touch an icon to go to the beginning of the book selected
  • Touch the chapter icon to bring up a page with an icon for each chapter in the current book EX: Ch6
RE: 1 2 3 4 5 Etc. Touch an icon to go to the beginning of the chapter selected
  • Touch the verse icon to bring up a page with an icon for each verse in the current chapter EX: V2
RE: 1 2 3 4 5 Etc. Touch an icon to go to the verse you select
  • Touch the icon in the navigation page for the collection, book, chapter, or verse you want to go to

Other items for the wish list

  • Ability to highlight and create notes for text in General Conference and lessons. Currently the only options are to copy share define and search.
  • Ability to copy and paste info from other apps into the notes section of Gospel Library.
  • Integration with the BYU Speeches, Teachings, JOD
  • Ability to sync downloaded offline materials (scriptures, manuals, etc.) to and from iTunes. This allows a user to upload these to other iOS devices connected to the same computer which may not have WiFi/network access.
  • Ability to integrate scriptures with Sunday School and Priesthood/RS Manuals and other books and magazines
  • Ability to change text/background color. Specifically white text on black background, but other options might be requested by other users.
  • Ability to dynamically change font size
  • Allow audio played in the background (from iPod).
  • Option for audiobook mode (include the audio files already available for the scriptures)
  • Creation and publication of an open schema used for defining scriptural annotations/markups. Includes ability to cite specific portions of a verse or an entire verse or range of verses. Additionally, to specify colored underlining, colored highlighting, comments, cross-references, tags, etc. Objective being, to enable portability of annotations across third-party applications that support this standard.
  • "Rolling" bookmarks: Keep the spot where I am reading personally, with a companion, family, and other groups. Maybe even add some goals. Set a completion date with options like "end each day on closest verse" or "end each day on closest chapter". Once you reach the daily requirement for your goal it would pop up and say you completed your goal for the day. Or maybe set a certain amount of daily study time each day.
  • The ability to take notes within the app and have notes associated with a given verse or selection of verses. These notes would then be centralized in one location within the app and could be exported to a format readable/printable on any computer. The exported notes would have the associated book, chapter, verse, date the note was taken, etc. included.
  • The ability to copy all or portions of text to paste into other Apps (i.e. Mail).
  • Archival of annotations and highlighting for different periods of life in layers that can be interchangeable. (i.e. as a seminary teacher, bishop, or a periodic recording study notes and highlights)
  • Custom URL scheme handler so that other applications can link to a scripture or library reference.
  • Option to download PDF versions of manuals (like Gospel Principles) and hymns.
  • Option to turn off quick scroll bar on the right (or option to move it to the left).
  • iPad version
  • Ability to apply multiple, user created tags to scriptures, ex. Atonement, Jesus Christ, Faith, etc...
  • Ability to filter the list of scriptures based on one or more tags. Selecting multiple tags would show the subset of scriptures that contained both tags. ie Atonement & Faith would pull up all scriptures that have been tagged with both tags
  • More color highlighting options
  • Song numbers in the children's songbook.
  • Add the Church Magazines to the Gospel Library
  • Ability to Back up notes, highlighted parts, links & bookmarks so if the application fail's or downloaded book be come corrupt then all this work will not be lost.
  • Application and scriptures available in other languages
  • One more plug for the ability to tag verses.
  • The ability to export markings, notes, etc. to a different account and remain separate (like a separate set of scriptures) i.e. If a parent passes away, the children could have "Dad's scriptures" as a heirloom, and that memory could be passed as a keepsake and opportunity for learning.
  • The ability to highlight individual words by touching the word. Shrinking the box to highlight a phrase or word is too awkward.
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