Gospel Library for iPhone functional specifications

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Functional specifications storyboard

The purpose for this section is to give the reader a brief overview of the functionality of the application. More detail will be provided below.

IPhoneBookListing.jpg No Image Yet
This screen shot lists all of the different books that are available online for the user to download. Note: This screen is a result of calling the Gospel Library for iPhone RESTful services to query for books available. This screen shot shows the results of drilling into a book title from the previous screen.
IPhoneReadMode.jpg IPhoneSearchDialog.jpg
This screen shot shows a simple view when reading a chapter from a book. This is the screen shot which shows what happens when the user wants to perform a search.
IPhoneSearchResults.jpg IPhoneSearchOptions.jpg
This screen shot shows the screen when a search is performed. This screen shot shows the Search Options or Settings.
IPhoneMarkedVerses.jpg No Image Yet
This screen shows the basic view when a user clicks on the "Marked" tab along the bottom. It allows the user to browse through the marked verses. N/A

RESTful services

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Book listing view

Describe the book listing view here

Search view

Describe the search functionality here

Read view

Describe the read view functionality here

Making a selection

Genny may select text in two ways.

1) Tap on a verse and a visual indicator informs her that the entire verse has been selecteed.

2) Tap and hold somewhere in the verse. The standard iPhone magnifying glass comes up. She moves her finger to where she wants to begin selecting text. She lets go and a special cursor shows up at that location in the text. If she taps elsewhere, the cursor goes away. If she taps on the cursor, holds and slides the finger downward, the magnifying glass comes back up and she can slide to the location she wants to be the end of the selection.

In either case, when text is selected a small indicator which is anchored to the side of the selected text, when pressed, saves the verse in the Genny's "journal."


Describe the help view functionality here


Describe the settings functionality here.

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