How to create a meetinghouse technology wiki page

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Follow these instructions to learn how to create a Meetinghouse technology wiki page.


In order to provide a consistent way of sharing and learning about the different technologies supported, each Meetinghouse technology page should have some common elements. There are two main elements that are required: the navigation box, and the appropriate categorization of individual pages. We make use of templates and categories in order to accomplish this. See the next two sections for detailed instructions regarding these two page elements.

General wiki guidelines

Since the Meetinghouse technology wiki is a subset of a larger initiative, we ask that all who participate in contributing content to this wiki follow the general wiki guidelines that apply to the overall wiki initiative. If you will be contributing to this effort, please take some time to familiarize yourself with these guidelines.


Meetinghouse Navigation.png
Each Meetinghouse technology page should have a navigation box on the right side of the page. The box should be unique to the technology being discussed (i.e., Meetinghouse webcast, Meetinghouse telephones, Meetinghouse printers, etc), but should follow a similar pattern, as described in this section.

The top two sections of the navigation box should be consistent on all pages. The first 8 links, namely: Benefits, Policies, Requirements, Availability, Get started, Training, Local insights and Answers should all remain the same on each Meetinghouse technology product page. For Meetinghouse technology pages that do not refer to a product, the only required links in this section are Get started, Training, Local insights and Answers. Each of these pages will need to be created for the technology being described, and should make use of wiki categories as outlined below.

The next section is used for any product-specific navigation. This is where each technology would put navigation items that correspond to that specific technology.

The last section of the navigation box should have as the first item a link back to the main Meetinghouse technology page, followed by any other relevant links that pertain to the technology being discussed.

In order to assist in the creation of this navigation box, we have provided a meta-template. There is a parameter to control whether the nav box is being placed in a product page, and thus requires all 8 links in the first section, or if it is a non-product page, and thus requires only the 4 links. Follow the usage instructions in the template to create your own template that meets the Meetinghouse technology template requirements.


Each of the common pages listed in the top two sections of the navigation box should have an associated page that is specific to that Meetinghouse technology. In order to provide quick access to all Meetinghouse technology pages under that topic, we make use of the Category feature of the Wiki.

Each page that is created as a link from one of the eight common navigation links should contain in the source one of the following category links:

  • [[Category:Meetinghouse technology policy]]
  • [[Category:Meetinghouse technology benefits]]
  • [[Category:Meetinghouse technology requirements]]
  • [[Category:Meetinghouse technology availability]]
  • [[Category:Meetinghouse technology get started]]
  • [[Category:Meetinghouse technology training]]
  • [[Category:Meetinghouse technology local insights]]
  • [[Category:Meetinghouse technology answers]]


To localize a Meetinghouse wiki page to a specific language, follow the LDS Tech translation procedures.

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