Gospel Library volunteer support information

Thank you for your willingness to help support users of the Gospel Library mobile applications. Your dedication to this cause will benefit members of the Church worldwide. The Mobile Gospel Library products have had a lot of success and have benefited members of the Church around the world.

As we deploy more of our solutions to members, we have quickly come to realize that we are dependent upon volunteers to help us help our members. The nature of the Gospel is one of service to others. By leveraging your willingness to help, we can ensure a high quality of support for our products. The purpose of this article is to provide the basic process and necessary training to help you in your service.


As users of the various Gospel Library products have issues, they have two options:

  1. They can visit the Gospel Library Support Wiki Page.
  2. They can send email to one of the following email addresses. These email addresses are really just email distribution lists that get distributed to a group of individuals.
    • - All android device support questions
    • - iOS support questions
    • - WebOS support questions

As a support volunteer, your email address will be added to the email distribution list for the platform you have offered to help with. iPhone and iPad support people will be put on both b and c lists above since the product is essentially the same for both platforms. Your role is to simply respond to these emails as they come to your personal email address. There will be multiple people on each email distribution list so that you are not alone in your responses.

As part of your support process, users will report bugs or enhancements. We want to make sure that we capture these issues and ask that you log all issues into our issue tracking system (jira). You can login to jira at with your LDS Account username / password. If you are unable to login, your Jira account has not been enabled. Please review the requirements for participation and contact Alan Smoot for access.

Rules for answering support emails

The following rules should be strictly observed when answering emails. Remember, in a way, you represent the Church in your response to members so answering these questions in a professional and courteous manner is critical.

  • All responses should be replied to the original individual and CC’ed to the email distribution list. This allows others to see which emails have been responded to by other support volunteers.
  • All email responses should mention that you are a support volunteer for the gospel library product for the Church. This is important as members send email to but may get a response from email account. Please add this (or something similar) to all of your support emails:

Dear {user},

My name is {firstname} and I am a volunteer helping the Church manage support issues for the Official Gospel Library on the {platform}. I’ll do my best to help you with your issue.
  • Never promise any features or fixes to products. You will have information that others may not know as part of your service. However making commitments based upon that knowledge usually leads to dissatisfied users.
  • Never debate about features or problems. We have open forums for members (including yourself) to have healthy debates but from a support perspective, we want to keep the discussions around providing solutions to problems.
  • For those who send rude emails, simply take the “high road” and thank them for their feedback, while helping them best you can. Remember that most people just want help and some people have a harder time expressing their problems in a constructive way.
  • Check the gospel library support wiki page and update it with any new information that you provide in the email to the user. If one person has a specific question, it is very likely that more will have it. Please check the wiki often and update it with the most common support questions or issues.
  • Your emails to members should not include links to other websites unless the links are in an attempt to assist the user. For example, you should not have in your signature a link to your company name, your blog, etc. The other exception to this rule is if your email provider automatically adds a links as part of their service.

Questions / Answers

What do I do if someone reports a bug in the application?

First try to reproduce the problem on your device if possible. If you are able to reproduce the problem, then check the issue tracking system (Jira) to see if the bug has already been reported and if not log it into Jira. Please make sure to include steps to reproduce the issue if you can. Then respond to the user that the issue has been logged and will be fixed in an upcoming release.

What do I do if someone makes a suggestion for improvement?

Check the issue tracking system (Jira) to see if the issue has already been reported. If not, add it. Thank the user for their feedback and communicate that it has been added to the list of suggestions for improvements for consideration in a future version.

What do I do if I don’t know how to respond to a question?

Don’t be afraid to tell the user that you try to find an answer and get back with them. Then send email to Tom Welch or one of the team members (if you know them) on the various teams. We will try to find an answer for you. Please make sure to share the answers on the wiki so others can benefit.

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