Gospel Library support - iPhone

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions and Known Issues below for quick help to common issues with the Gospel Library for iPhone. If you can't find the answer to your problem or if you've found a new bug, please email us at

You may also want to check the iPhone/iPad Gospel Library Forum for answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What new features are you planning on adding in future releases?
More languages, more content, and better app design for iPad.
Can I adjust font size or style?
Yes, in Settings (the gear icon in the top right) select "Font, Spacing, Alignment" to choose font style and size.
Can I highlight text?
Yes. Hold your finger down on the text you want to highlight. After a second or so the text will be selected and a new menu appears. Tap "Highlight". Select the desired color and/or underlining and the text will remain highlighted.
What device are supported?
iPhones and iPod Touches running 3.0 and later and all iPads. Both versions are available on iTunes.
Can I help with the design/development/QA of the Church's mobile apps?
Yes! See the Mobile Gospel Library Project page or any of the other mobile projects for details.

How to use Gospel Library

See How to use Gospel Library page.

Known issues

  • Can you add page numbers to the content? We know it's a hassle to try to keep up in class when teachers reference a page number (e.g. Gospel Principles), and we're planning on adding them by the end of the year. We may end up making PDFs of the manuals available to address this issue, but we'd like to do it within the context of the Gospel Library if possible to allow access to annotations and page numbers at the same time.
  • Can I see all the annotations I've made in one central place? Not yet, but we are working on it.

Even better than page numbers would be to number the paragraphs in ALL manuals, just like there are verses in the scriptures.

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