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Please review the Frequently Asked Questions and Known Issues below for quick help to common issues. If you can't find the answer to your problem or if you've found a new bug, please email us at

Since the iPad and iPhone version of the Gospel Library is very similar, visit the iPhone support page for additional support information.

Frequently Asked Questions

While using the Gospel Libray, the program became stuck on Luke 5 and closed down. Every time it tries to load the program it fails. Should I Delete the whole program and reload it.......thus losing all my highlighting i've already done? OR is there another solution? Thanks

Known issues

  • Some users have reported that various books or chapters are missing in some of the standard works. This is a known problem with the initial release and can be fixed by going to the Manage LIbrary section and then removing and then re-adding the book in question to your local library. This problem has been fixed and will be deployed in a new version forthcoming.
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