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Examples of reader application UIs on iPad


  • Multi-colored hi-lighting
  • Standard text-selection controls
  • Hi-lighting, color selection and text management built into OS-standard text popup controls
  • Navigation bar at top
  • Navigation hides/shows with single touch anywhere on screen
  • Notes display inline in page gutter, created through same text selection popup controls
  • Popover search
  • Popover dictionary definitions (compare with what can be done on cross-references, footnotes, etc)
  • Pagination information at the bottom is a nice touch that converts the "digital" into a "physical" feel
    • Potentially very valuable to display physical page numbers in Gospel Library to correlate location between digital and physical world for settings such as Sunday School where an instructor says "now turn to page xxx" or "let's read the first paragraph of page yy"
  • Overall a clean design though the "book" feel of the pages in the background is obviously unnecessary
  • Synchronizes annotations (hi-lights, bookmarks, notes) and reading location automatically between devices (iPhone and iPad for example)

IBooks-1.png IBooks-2.png IBooks-3.png IBooks-4.png IBooks-5.png IBooks-6.png IBooks-7.png IBooks-8.png IBooks-9.png

Articles for iPad

  • Beautiful layout and design including typography
  • Images are styled nicely to fit the design
  • Every article has a 'globe' at the top allowing access to languages the article is in
    • This could be very powerful in the Gospel Library so that on any scripture, talk, video or other document it can immediately be accessed in any language.
  • Popovers are effectively used for quick navigation within an article or for changing settings
  • Navigation bar at top

Articles-1.png Articles-2.png Articles-3.png Articles-4.png


  • Excellent navigation system for dealing with very large textbooks
    • Uses both the top and side bar for navigation
    • Sidebar works very well on an iPad with the extra screen real-estate and typical two-handed use of the device
  • Sidebar shows context of the current chapter for location in the document and sections
    • The sidebar could be potentially useful in the Gospel Library for similar reasons
  • Popovers provide rapid access to settings and navigation
  • Graphical representation of books and chapters instead of just text
    • Could be very powerful in Gospel Library to use iconography instead of just text lists to provide richer visual differentiation of the many types of content
  • Annotations (hi-lights and notes) are easy to use and discoverable without documentation since they use OS-standard text selection controls

Inkling-1.png Inkling-2.png Inkling-3.png Inkling-4.png


  • Minimal and highly functional UI
  • Navigation bar at top
    • Originally had bar at bottom when it migrated from iPhone but moved to top after some user experience demonstrated that on an iPad the top bar is better suited to where hands are held.
  • Fast and easy to switch between Light and Dark modes for day/night use.
  • The entire UI including navigation lists use the Light/Dark modes, not just the reading view
  • OS-standard text selection controls are used to integrate application specific sharing features
  • Synchronizes automatically
    • Content between devices and web
    • Reading location within articles

Instapaper-1.png Instapaper-2.png Instapaper-3.png


  • Uses sidebar navigation effectively so that holding the iPad with two-hands allow effective controls with the thumb.
  • Popovers and top navigation are also used similar to the other apps.

Reeder-1.png Reeder-2.png


  • Top navigation bar and popovers
  • Tags are effectively used for allowing articles in multiple "categories" for searching, filtering and navigating
    • Could be very effective with Gospel Library for tagging hi-lights, notes etc

Simplenote-1.png Simplenote-2.png


  • Top navigation bar and popovers


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