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Test Cases by Application Section

How to Submit Bug to JIRA

1) Go to JIRA "Bug Creation" Page

You will need to be logged in to file a bug. The username/password will typically be the same as your username/password.

If you are not able to login contact me and I'll help you get setup.

2) Descriptive Summary

This field is the title of the issue and will show up in search lists.

Do NOT try and put the entire explanation here, give it a short 1-line summary.


3) Affects Version and Environment

Please fill in the version of the application you are using.

If you are on a recent beta (such as from TestFlight) also use the "Environment" field to provide details on the exact build number.


4) Fix Version

Generally this should be left empty unless you really know what it should be or have been told what it should be.

Typically either a developer or a PM will assign bugs/tasks to specific "Fix Versions" as part of scheduling.

5) Description

Fill out a detailed description and step-by-step instructions on how to replicate the bug.


6) Finish and Save

If you have screenshots or crash logs you would like to attach, go ahead and do so.

Click the "Create" button to save the bug.

Sample Test Case

Following is an example test case and template for use on the rest of our test cases.

Making a Selection

Purpose of Test

To validate that any reading view allows selection of text, that it defaults the selection to the current verse/paragraph and that it can be modified through dragging the beginning or ending markers.

Pre-Requisites and/or Assumptions

      - Need to be logged in?  Doesn't matter.
      - Internet Connection Required?  Doesn't matter.
      - Must be online or offline? Doesn't matter.
      - Anything to perform prior to this test case?
           - Navigate to any book with a reading view.


      - iOS 3.x and later
      - iPhone 2nd generation and later
      - iPad
      - iPod touch 2nd generation and later

Test Data

      - There is no specific test data needed to perform this test.

Steps to Test

      - Navigate to  book of scripture and open a chapter.
      - Press and hold on a verse. It should select the entire verse and display beginning/ending markers at the beginning and end of the verse.
      - Drag the beginning marker up and down to change the selection.
      - Drag the ending marker up and down to change the selection.
      - You should be able to be word specific about what is being selected.
      - Click somewhere outside of the selection, it should de-select.
      - When a selection is made, it should show a black popup with options saying "Copy | Hilight | Note"
      - If you drag a marker to the top or bottom of the screen, the page should scroll and keep selecting text in that direction as it scrolls.
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